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Three Things Wednesday

I know you are all tired.
Ann Dee and I feel your pain.
We are exhausted.
We never thought running this contest would be so hard.
We never knew it would take so much of our own writing time.
We never realized that it would take as much coordination and work and borrowing favors from others writers.
We never knew so much math would be involved.

So today’s Three Things is EASY.

1. Find somebody you love, and hug and kiss them. Tell them you love them. Thank them for being in your life.

2. Here in UT the day is beautiful. If the day is beautiful where you are, walk outside for just five minutes. Close your eyes. Face the sun. Breathe deep.
As my agent said when he was here last weekend, “Take the time to be still.”

2a. He also said Be Brave Every Day.

3. Thank God or Whomever you believe in for your talents, your experiences and all the things that matter in life.

I know we have been experimenting with you all following along. Sometimes people got frustrated with us. But I want you to know that most of you were more than kind with our (my) mistakes, and I appreciate you all for that.

Have a terrific day. I hope you get to write!
And tell someone important how much you care.


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