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S1E10, P@H now available.

Voting closes Friday @ midnight, MST.

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Three Thing Thursday

okay, so like Carol said yesterday, this has been an experiment. And we have made mistakes. Currently, the man who puts up the posts while I wrangle children is out of town. We were going to try to get up the entries even with him far far away and with my limited skills, but alas, the posts aren’t ready. They will be by the afternoon we hope. Suri. Suri.

The good news is these entries are scary and awesome and bloody and I can’t wait for everyone to get to read them. We will extend the voting deadline and promise that next week, the final week, we will (we hope) finally get everything right.

and now for the three things to think about while you wait for us boring people.

1.Did you see Hunger Games? I did. And I have been fascinated with the discussions it has generated. FASCINATED. Like this, and this, and this and this. What do you think of all the opinions, reviews, controversy? Did you like the movie? Were you disappointed? Were you satisfied? There’s so much to talk about.

2. Speaking of books to movies, the Hunger Games has sparked a discussion about Hollywood wanting more and more YA books. Here’s a list of books already slated to come out. What novel have you read recently that you would like to see in the theater? Do you like movie adaptations? Why or why not?

3. And on an entirely unrelated topic but totally related, have you signed up for WIFYR yet? You guys, it’s going to be awesome. WIFYR is how I found my agent. It’s how many many people found their agents and editors. It is a great deal for the price–if you do a quick search of other conferences (comparing length, set up, format, etc.) you’ll see that you are getting the most bang for you buck at WIFYR. I could say more but I somebody is pulling my pants down in an effort to get me to get them some milk. But please, sign up. It’s going to fun and hard and awesome and well worth it. There’s still spots in my BOOTCAMP class (and I’m going to put you to work right away, my friends, right away). So spread the word.

I think that’s all. the entries will be up. Don’t despair and thank you thank you for your patience.


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