Three Things Thursday

1. If you are going to WIFYR ( read at least ONE book by each of the faculty.

Here’s our faculty:
A E Cannon Intro to Writing for Children
Trudy Harris Writing the Picture Book
Julie Olson Three-Day Illustration Class
Tim Wynne-Jones Writing the Middle Grade Novel
Kimberley Heuston Writing the Young Adult Novel
Kirk Shaw Writing the Contemporary Novel
Mette Harrison Writing Sci Fi and Fantasy
Cynthia Leitich Smith Writing Paranormal and Fantasy
Matt Kirby Writing the Fantasy Novel
Carol Lynch Williams Advanced Class
Greg Leitich Smith Advanced Class
Ann Dee Ellis Boot Camp Class

2. When you read these books, read as a WRITER.
Ask these kinds of questions:
Does the beginning grab me? Why? Why not?
Do I know how old the protag is right away?
Do I know what s/he wants? What has the author done to show this?
Do I know the trouble quickly? How?
Is the voice authentic? How?
How is the pacing? Does the book move to fast or too slow?
Can you see the world unfolding?
Is the sense of place/ setting real and convincing? How does the author accomplish this?

Keep going through the authors’ or illustrator’s books just like this, asking yourself how this book got published.

3. I can’t read like a reader anymore. I see what I think is every flaw, every magnificent line or description in the books I read.
Yes, it’s awful to be a book snob, but I learn from EVERYTHING I read.
I see how to do something different, how to make something work, how to be a smarter writer.
I see what not to do, cliche, and weak writing.

Pretend you have read through all the books of our amazing faculty (especially those two super-cool girls, Ann Dee and Carol!!! Hehehehehe!).
How has everyone taught you?
We’d love to see what you learn.

Three Things Thursday Question to Help Carol

Anyone know of a place to rent that can house several females (four)
a dog
and a grand piano?
It would be nice if the place has an office.
And a super good looking pool boy.
Needs to be near-ish BYU.
(like Springville or Mapleton would work . . . )

Please email me at if you know of anything.



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2 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. I’ve been reading the books from these authors as you suggested and we have an AMAZING faculty for WIFYR this year! I have to say that I love all of Carol’s books. Her characters are so real that I think she must have interviewed each one or read their private journals. I loved A.E. Cannon’s: The Loser’s Guide to Life and Love, and Matt Kirby’s Icefall was (to me) even better than The Clockwork Three. I’m very excited for the conference!


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