It’s a late post today because I was stuck up in the canyon. I was actually worried I was going to be snowed in. That sometimes happens up there. Lucky I got out in time. {pheeeew}

I think I {might} have found a place to live. I’m trying out the job on Tuesday. It’s a live-in nanny thing. Hopefully it turns out all right. I need to get out of the place I’m living. It’s ruining my “amazing” relationship.


I have to do more rewriting. I don’t think my novel will ever be perfect. Is there such a thing as a perfect first novel? Hmmm yes, there probably is. I could probably name a bunch, but then I’m sure if I re-read them again, I might feel differently.

Speaking of novels.

Have any of you thought about entering in the Utah Arts Council contest?

Mom has won this contest a few times, AND been a judge. So they must have pretty good taste. 😉
That link explains all the dirty details so you can enter and win and then buy me lunch. {Just kidding}

Also, speaking of contests.
I know who the winner of Project Writeway is! But I won’t tell you who it is just yet. Actually, I won’t be sharing that information. I think Mom will…on Monday. It’s pretty great though. {They all are great. You guys are all great.}

I think I am done for this weekend. I’m exhausted and need to go home and sleep.

PS This is Carol–
A reader pointed out asking what about YOUR vote.
That is STILL part of what is to come–Kyra just knows the judges vote and how it has played out so far.
We have just the first half done.
Thank you for clarifying, Anon!


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