So here’s how we did it:

1. We had a open call for entries–150 words from a novel.

2. We put up a poll and took the top seven from the popular vote and the top seven from judges vote and had our original fourteen contestants. We didn’t know who any of the writers were because of wacky pen name system which we adopted for the rest of the competition. We know this made things confusing but also, hopefully, more fair.

3. Each week, we put up a new challenge. We had a guest judge pick the winner and then, based on the poll, whoever got the lowest amount of votes was moved to the Play at Home side. This is basically how we did it. Guest judge picks winner, popular vote determines who is out.

4. On the last challenge, we had three people left. Two were going to be out. One would be the winner. The judge picked the winner and then we looked at the popular vote. We decided if the judges pick was not in the top two of the popular vote, we would reconsider. However, we did not need to reconsider and we had our winner.

5. Is that confusing? I’m sorry. It made sense to us and we tried to be as fair as we possibly could. We obviously are newbies at running contests on this scale and we made mistakes. We totally made mistakes but we really did try to make things run as smoothly as we could. If we do it again, like I’ve said before, we’ll get some help.

6. For the play at homers (I love you all), we took the person who won the most popular votes each week over the course of the competition. We know there are a lot of flaws in this system because people came over to the PAH side at different times and we tried to take that into consideration. All in all, we did the best we could.

7. I do want to give recognition to the final three in the competition: Docena Holm, Estee Wood, and Monelle Smith. You three did an amazing job and it was a tough competition.

8. I also want to congratulate everyone who endured to the end and completed every challenge. Seriously no small feat and it would have been so easy to just stop. I think you are all awesome, dedicated writers and I learned so much from you. I really really did.

I think that’s all. I hope that clears up any confusion. The bottom line is we are not so smart all the time and we did make mistakes but it was fun and I’m glad we did it. Thank you all for everything.




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8 responses to “Judging

  1. rbs

    I’m glad you did it. And I hope you do it again – sometime down the road. And I hope I can work through EVERY challenge. And I hope I make it further down the road to fame and fortune. And I appreciate receiving the book. Thank you!

  2. Juliette

    Thanks for the great opportunity! I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I tried things I never would’ve tried otherwise.

  3. Thanks for explaining and all the time it took you to do this contest–Ann Dee, Carol, Kyra, judges and support staff (families). I looked back at my journal and Project Writeway started around the middle of January. You’ve devoted a lot of time and energy over the last 3 months to a contest that has helped me grow as a writer. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks for doing this. Whether we participated or not, I think we all learned something from the contests and I really enjoyed reading all the challenges, they were all incredibly amazing. What a talented group of blog readers you have!

  5. Cheryl

    Congratulations to Docena and Leisha! This was such a wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing everyone at WIFYR. And Carol, Ann Dee and Kyra , you did an awesome job with everything! I learned so much from this contest. You gave us Christmas every Monday and helped us to think outside the box and color out of the lines. Now we get to walk around with all those new character voices in our heads you had us create! ha ha (we’ll write them too)

  6. For someone who only heard about this after it started and has been following along, thanks for running it! It was really fun and educational–some really great writers out there!! This is the funnest online contest of its ilk I’ve seen. πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for the contest Carol, Ann Dee, Kyra. I know it was probably a pain in the rear for you all. Heck, it was a pain in the rear for me to do the writing. But I feel I learned a ton and grew as a writer. So thanks for the pain. It feels good.


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