First–congrats to all who played, and those who won, Project Writeway.
There was some crazy good stuff that came out of that contest.
You are all talented.
And what’s cool is all that writing was like exercising your creative side.
We’re proud of you all.

Okay, we’re now going to gear up for our upcoming Write-a-thon.

Another three days, like we’ve done in the past. This week.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
How’s that?

Here’s what you need to do.
Make your goals.

I have an editor interested in a newish book, so I know for sure that I’d like to get my 20-25 pages written for her.
As well, I’d love to finish my November book (that I never finished during THAT month of crazy writing).
I’m close, but still have a hundred pages or so before I have completed draft.
And then I need to work on my DD. I spoke to my editor last week and while I have a lot of work to do, it’s starting to feel doable.

However, while I have this (and moving) to do, these goals are too many. I’ll decide and let you all know on Thursday.
You make reasonable goals, too.

Next, decide WHEN you can write.
With the big stuff that’s going on in my life right now, I happen to know that I MUST write first thing in the morning. If I wait, my days will be eaten up by other things. So I’ll give myself this gift to write with you all. For sure, mornings are my time. Maybe two hours each day? Maybe three? A finished (not edited, but completed) product of, like 10 pages a day?
I’ll tell you that on Thursday, too.

Finally, if you are close to Ann Dee and me, we will tell you the day and time that we meet for lunch.
We’ve done this before and it’s fun.
This time we will choose a restaurant that’s open (the Thai place I mentioned before!) AND one that doesn’t reek of the grease trap!
THAT info will also come on Thursday.

So put your goal-making cap on.

We’re starting a writing marathon and we want you to go with us.
Doesn’t matter how big or small your goal is, join in.

Have a terrific Monday. I’m off for my last day with my amazing creative writing students!



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8 responses to “Whew!

  1. Rebecca Birkin

    Can we submit an editing goal?

  2. My husband is going camping this weekend, so I am so in. Will think about specific goals.

  3. deborahhmoore

    I’m excited to participate. I already came up with my goal and now I have to figure out how to adjust the rest of my life accordingly. In your face time consuming errands.


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