Three Things Wednesday Because I Forgot to Tell Kyra to Write a Post for Today

#1 Post your goals for the Writing Marathon that starts here, at this very blog, tomorrow.

a) My goals are: Write three hours on Thursday, three hours on Friday, three hours on Saturday.

b) I hope to be able to write 15 new pages for a new editor AND rewrite a bit of the DD.

#2 Have you see these?

I was interviewed for this site (will let you know when that interview goes live). I met a VERY nice writer named Michelle. She interviewed me.
What’s cool about this site is, if, you know Teen Writers, well, this is the place for them.
There are contests, ways to post their writing and book reviews PLUS interviews.


c) Our very own Docena is working on a conference in Idaho (will you post that info please, Docena? I can’t find it now.)

#3 I am speaking here on Saturday:
Cost: $25 for the day for nonmembers
$10 for members



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25 responses to “Three Things Wednesday Because I Forgot to Tell Kyra to Write a Post for Today

  1. My goals for the week are to write at least 2000 words each day on Wed, Thurs, and Fri. A bonus would be to get 2000 on Sat as well.

  2. My goal for today is to get my co-author to read and comment on the first chapter that I wrote of our new WIP. My goal for Thursday is to revise Chapter 1 of the new WIP. And the goal on Friday is to write Chapter 2 of said WIP.
    Saturday, I have a wedding shower for a niece, a baby shower for a neighbor, and two grandsons (ages 4 and 7) will have stayed overnight so my goal for that day is to survive until Sunday. Sorry if I sound whiny, I have a miserable cold.

  3. Kim

    My goal is to write a scene a day.

  4. My goal is to write three new scenes.

  5. My goals:

    1)Revise current WIP with latest notes from CP.
    2)Read one book on writing craft/editing/revising.
    3)Query 10 agents by Saturday since I haven’t queried in FOREVER and need to jump back on the bandwagon.

    Good luck everyone!

  6. deborahhmoore

    Those are ambitious goals. I’m looking forward to sharing my own (less ambitious) ones tomorrow.

  7. deborahhmoore

    I wish I was able to hear you on Saturday, alas I have to work, but it sounds fabulous. Thanks for the sites to check out too.

  8. andiwyo

    Okay, I swear I already posted this, but I can’t see it, so if this is a repeat, sorry:). Anyway, my goal is to write 700 words/day on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That’s a small amount, I know, but since I have a few other projects with Friday deadlines, I’ll be more than happy if I can squeeze in 700 words a day on my WIP.

  9. andiwyo

    My goal is 700 words/day on my WIP.

  10. Rebecca Birkin

    I already asked my daughter if she’d mind if I wrote on the school bus on the way to Friday’s field trip. How awful am I?

    My goal is 2 hours Thursday, Three hours Friday (we’ll see how noisy the bus ride is) and 3 hours Saturday. I want to finish editing 55 pages that need a ton of work and submit two entries to the WD Competition by May 5th.

  11. lisakay

    3 hours thurs, fri, and sat – ready go!

  12. 3 hours a day! Me too! Finish my book! Use a lot of exclamation marks!

    • CLW

      This is why we blog. So we can use all the exclamation points and ly words and bold print and etc that we’d never use in our novels. We are among friends. 🙂

  13. LJ

    Thursday–free day: 1000 words!
    Friday–family coming: 300 words!
    Saturday–picnics (indoor!) and such: 200 words!

  14. My goal is to enjoy this weekend of the Annual Children’s Literature Conference, Read, wRite, Revise, at Boise State University. I’ve been helping plan it for the past year. Alane Ferguson and Carol will both be speaking on Saturday, one in Utah and one in Idaho. Choose one and come!

    Do You Write for Children?
    BSU Literacy Department Utah/Southern Idaho SCBWI
    Annual Writing Conference—April 20–21, 2012
    Read, wRite, and Revise
    A conference for readers, writers, teachers, and librarians of children’s literature
    Speakers include:
    Literary agent Kate Schafer Testerman
    BSU Literacy Department educators Sherry Dismuke and Susan Martin
    Established authors Alane Ferguson, Gloria Skurzynski, and Matthew Kirby
    Debut authors Kate Kae Meyers and Sarah Tregay

    Get tips on improving your writing from established and upcoming authors.
    Learn new techniques for teaching students to write.
    Discover publication paths from current YA, middle grade, and non-fiction authors.
    Earn graduate, undergraduate, or in-service credit through BSU.*
    Participate in an intensive writing workshop.
    Hear manuscript critiques from a literary agent or peer group.
    Register by PayPal or at the conference.

    Saturday, April 21, 2012
    8:00am to 5:30pm Rediscovered Bookshop
    Boise State University
    1910 University Dr
    Boise, ID 83725
    Student Union Building
    Lookout Room
    *Attendees seeking college credit must pay BSU for credits ($60 for inservice credit OR the tuition fee for one graduate/undergrad credit) AND pay student conference registration fee of $75 to SCBWI.
    Visit to register or to get more info.
    **Attendance at Friday book signing is mandatory for in-service or BSU credits.

  15. It’s still Thursday, and I still have time to write for the marathon today. Here are my goals:
    1) Finish up the last 40 pages of my scene log (so I can keep track of all the past/present/narrative/prose poetry scenes)
    2) Write 500 words on Friday
    3) Write 700 words on Saturday


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