I was just going to say

I’m behind–packing crap–and other stuff.
Got the first few hundred words done . . .
The rest of my BIC time!

Keep going!
Thursdays are hard!


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One response to “I was just going to say

  1. Andrea

    Whew! I just finished my 700 words. I didn’t think it was going to happen, and I can say for certain that if I hadn’t committed to it on here, I would not have gotten around to working on my WIP today. So thanks for that!

    I’m going to change my goal for tomorrow, if that’s okay. My WIP is suffering from a major identity crisis, so tomorrow I’m going to work on plot/outline stuff for an hour instead of writing 700 words. Then on Saturday I’ll be back to the writing again.

    P.S. I forgot to change my display name when I signed up for a new wordpress account, so when I posted my marathon goal I was andiwyo. But we’re one and the same:).


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