What Happened?

You guys, my sacred writing time got hijacked! 

So today, tonight, late, I will write for less than three hours but I will sit at the table and write rather than sit in my bed. That is my marathon goal for today. Write at my kitchen table at least three new scenes starting at about ten at night 

How is your day going? Any hijacking? I am hoping my set aside time tomorrow goes much better. But if it doesn’t, I make myself write on top of the house. 



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2 responses to “What Happened?

  1. deborahhmoore

    I like the top of the house idea. I managed my writing goal, but my exercising was hijacked. Tomorrow my toddler is taking a nap in the morning instead of the afternoon…i hope

  2. i hope the marathon is going well for you! we finished the thesis tonight and i am SO HAPPY to have it done. i did some research this week that made me really excited about writing more and gave me ideas for several new scenes. sorry i missed out on this marathon, but i’ll be there for the next one!


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