It’s 7:15 . . . .

. . . do you know how many words you are going to write today?

My goal?
Write a half hour, pack a half hour
write a half hour
pack a half hour.
Pray for a place to live.

I have a bit of a scene.
A few more bits and I have accomplished the first part of my goal.

Good luck today!


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3 responses to “It’s 7:15 . . . .

  1. I’m going to write a half hour, then do my to dos for a half hour and back and forth.

  2. we just finished the thesis today! whew. i guess i should have put that as my writing goal since it took up ALL my writing and working time for the past two weeks. but it’s done and next time you have a marathon i am IN. hope it’s going well for you guys.

    now i think i missed something – carol, are you moving? do you not know where? email and tell me what you’re looking for. i’ll start hunting for you 🙂 i


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