What I have done so far:

written a full scene
gotten to the nightmare
gone to the bakery
picked up meds
dropped off one child at work
helped my mom get dressed
written a couple of thank you notes
answered emails

And now I get to write again.

The three hours in the AM isn’t working out.
Adjust, readjust!

Keep going! We’re on Day Two and we get to eat at Thai Village next week.



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5 responses to “What I have done so far:

  1. Andrea

    So far, amazingly enough, I’m on track with my daily goals. Woot! Good thing I wasn’t overly ambitious when setting them:).

    I hope all the packing/writing is going well for you and that Ann Dee didn’t have to write on the roof. Although maybe that would be cool.

  2. Thai Village??!!?? Oh my, that is motivation right there. Not doing so splendid on my goals but hope to reach them by the end of today. Green curry, here I come.

  3. ashleyharward

    I’m hopping on this writing marathon bandwagon a couple days late, but here I am. 🙂 Swwweeeeet.
    I solemly vow to write and hour a day and finish my current book I’m reading on writing.

    • ashleyharward

      I just read past posts and realized this is a three day thing. And today is the last day! haha. Ummmmmmmm
      So I’m creating my own mini marathon. I will write for an hour today, Sunday, and Monday.

  4. Carol, good to hear you have to live life too. It can get in the way of writing, but oh the joys!


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