Why Everyone Should Move Into My Basement

Sometimes in life I stop and think, what am I doing?

Like the other day, I was driving around in my totally gross minivan (which I vowed never to own and if I did end up owning, never to allow to get gross) and my three kids were talking to me  (Well, not the baby) about I’m not even sure what. And suddenly, in the rearview mirror I saw my five year old and I thought, in about a minute he’ll be fifteen and he won’t want to talk to me and he’ll be getting texts from girls and he’ll go to school all day and I’ll be so annoying to him. Then I thought, don’t do it. Don’t grow up. Then I thought, am I a mom? How did I get to be a mom? Then, upon looking out the window, I thought why is that girl walking so far away from that boy? Are they in a fight? I wonder what that’s about? Then I thought, I wonder what I’ll make for dinner. Then I started crying. Not really. But almost. 

This is why I lose things. This is why I have emotional problems. This is also why everyone should move into my basement. 

If everyone moved into my basement they could help me live my life. They could tell me how to raise my kids. They could teach me how to organize a pantry. They could show me around my sad yard. Everyone could pool their strengths and together as a cohesive basement-living whole, we could make my world a better place. 

I need you all.  Don’t you think we all need each other sort of kind of? Especially as writers. We are all good at different things whether it be time management, plotting, world-building, eating, drafting, revising, etc. And if we hang out together more, we can learn from each other. Share our secrets or rather, our hard-earned discoveries. 

So come move on in, Carol. It’s a start.

Also, I like Thai food. 



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16 responses to “Why Everyone Should Move Into My Basement

  1. i have been getting really upset when i consider that K will be in preschool in the fall (5! my baby will be 5!) and then kindergarten the next year. i have ONE year left of her being home with me and only me. it is not enough.

    if carol doesn’t move in, can we? i’ll help out. though our kids might drive each other crazy. ha ha ha.

  2. CLW

    All my bags are packed, we’re ready to go.
    We’re standing here outside your door.

    Thanks, Ann Dee.
    I think you are exactly right.
    We work better when we share the hard stuff.

    Here is how to organize a pantry.
    Cram things in.
    Put empty boxes back on the shelves.
    Let the spilled rice stay spilled.
    Old cereal is better than no cereal.
    If you leave it long enough, the honey will become cemented to the empty box of graham crackers.
    No need to close the bread bags. These pieces of concrete can be used as croutons.

    Tomorrow I will tell you how to organize the fridge.

    • Monelle Smith

      If there’s so much food in the pantry that you can’t find things when you need them, you’ve been spending way too much of your life’s precious time at the grocery store. Let it thin out a bit, and you’ll save time on shopping AND organizing. Plus your kids will be grateful on those rare occasions when there actually is something decent to eat, instead of only soda crackers (from the last time a kid was sick) and three bottles of ketchup.

    • Cheryl

      This is poetry!
      I think there might be a story arc in there somewhere.

    • These are all very useful tips. I can’t wait for the fridge installment.

  3. Andrea

    I can totally relate to this post. I have been having the same thoughts about my kids. My daughter is now 11–what? When did that happen? And my three boys are getting bigger every day. I love this stage, but I also know it’s going to go by so fast and I hope I’m cherishing it like I should be.

    I can also relate to the time-management thing–and the gross-car-you-vowed-you’d-never-have thing. And I’m so glad I can come to this blog a few times every week and feel inspired and just enjoy this little writing community you’ve created.

    I could totally chime in with Carol on fridge organization techniques. I think my current fridge is the smallest refrigerator on the planet (not counting those mini-fridge things). It’s all about the cramming–and then shutting the door really fast so nothing falls out until the next time someone opens it:)

  4. I don’t know what you all are talking about. My car is immaculate (+ I’ve never owned a mini-van). My pantry is organized and fresh, filled with delicious but ridiculously healthy food that my children love. And my children are growing slowly, oh so slowly–I find ways to cherish every moment of every day without fail.

    And then I wake up.

    I looooove Thai food. I hope I can make it tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Rebecca Birkin

    I really needed this today. I’ve been walking around my oh-so-messy house, cleaning up the toast crumbs on the pantry shelf under my toaster and the waffle batter someone left inside the waffle iron when it got used several months ago which also belongs in my way-too-messy pantry, looking for the jam in my way-to-crammed fridge that has several duct-taped shelves [long story] and trying to give myself permission to write instead of clean. Do post comments count as writing?

    I want to come to lunch, but this week my husband has Thursday off instead of Saturday. Could he come too, or would that be just too third wheel? (Or ninth, depending on how many people come.)

  6. So wish I was coming tomorrow. Also, there’s something to be said for communal living, right? I mean then, maybe it isn’t your fault that the pantry’s not organized. Maybe you could blame it on someone who lives in your basement.

    Also, my littlest kid will be in kindergarten next year. I’m afraid it’ll move really fast then. I might blink and then they’ll be gone. And even though I’ll sell my mini-van and buy a really cool volvo or something, I might still miss the crushed goldfish and half-drunk juice boxes. And my awesome volvo will be clean all the time. How boring is that?

  7. Kyra

    I actually live in someone else’s basement somewhat close by your house.
    I’d rather live in your basement tho.


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