This Is What I Did:

For the last two weeks or so . . . This is my abbreviated life.

1. Packed and packed and packed and packed and packed and packed.
2. Where would we live?
3. Searched for a home. Searched and searched and searched and searched.
4. TWO DAYS before we were supposed to leave our home, we found a house (thanks to Denece. Thank you, Denece.)!
5. Then we moved. We moved and moved and moved and moved and packed and packed and moved and I panicked.
6. And panicked and felt sick and worried and felt sick and tried to give up worrying but still felt sick and panicked.
7. But, this house Denece found for us has a dedicated office space. A real office. I haven’t had an office in years.
8. I felt, strangely, a bit happy. I could actually WRITE in this office.
9. So I set up the computer and waited for the phone line and the Internet line and they didn’t come and when they finally did, they didn’t work.
10. So I unpacked and unpacked and unpacked and unpacked.
11. And wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote.
12. What happened?
13. I am very nearly finished with a book proposal/challenge that goes to my agent tomorrow.
14. And I have set new goals for my writing.
15. Because guess why? When you don’t have distractions–self made or otherwise–you can do what you want to do.

The. End.

Challenge: For this week only give yourself a very specific amount of writing time. Maybe it is just 15 minutes. 15 UNINTERRUPTED minutes. Maybe you have to do this before everyone else wakes up (that’s what I do) or after everyone goes to bed or at nap time or before your husband comes home.
During this time DO NOT:
Answer the phone
Answer the door
go online
pick up a book to read
look away from your computer

Just write.

Give yourself the gift of uninterrupted time for your writing.
Don’t feel guilty.
Don’t feel like you have to do the dishes first, or sweep, or clean.
Just let yourself have that time.

Feel free to let us know what happens.

For me, it was great. The outside world stayed away. And I stayed in my new office and did something other than answer the outside world’s wants.

Really. The. End.



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10 responses to “This Is What I Did:

  1. Congrats on the office! Having a dedicated space AND dedicated time is glorious. Congrats again. 🙂

    • CLW

      I am so far behind I can see my own butt. But I am happy to put my butt in this office when i give myself the writing time.
      Which I will.
      Because I have to.
      Internet has SLOWED me down!

  2. Oo, an office? All to yourself? Now that’s a little piece of heaven! I’m so glad you were able to write, uninterrupted!

  3. rbs

    I SO love my home office – wish I could shut myself in there for days on end -AFTER I clean it, that is. =)

  4. funny, my wife wrote a story with the same title.

    • CLW

      And it’s a genius title and book.
      But, Cam, she told me I could steal stuff from her.
      I’m coming to get Milo tomorrow.

      • If you miss our house and end up four houses away, the ex-pats from South Africa will give you their chocolate and malt power mix, which is named for the famous Greek athlete Milo of Crotona, after his legendary strength.


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