Three Things Thursday

A few things to watch this week. Take just a few minutes to love you some music.
Remember, if you don’t like something, turn it off. 🙂
(Yup, that’s a warning.)

This made Carolina and me cry. Wonderful!

I ADORE this guy. Solsbury Hill inspired THE TRUE COLORS OF CAITLYNNE JACKSON.

I’ve been to see this guy several times in concert. Loved every performance. I’m trying to get Kyra to learn to play this for me–because some of you know I would have been a singer if I hadn’t been a writer.

Notice eyelashes please. This is the group–and the main singer–I was talking about a post or two ago!

These are the guys who scared me . . . bad. Couldn’t understand a thing they were saying.

I’ve been thinking about singing this for the conference for a few years . . . Can’t you see Cheri doing all that dancing?
“Hey! All yawls cripples . . .”
Notice this is the cleaned up version . . .
“Can I play with your panty line. . . ”
Bucky naked has been taken out.



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3 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Kyra

    ew skrillix is on here!

  2. Kyra

    But that first video is nice 🙂

  3. Andrea

    That first one made me cry too. And I love Peter Gabriel! Every time I hear that song, I think of driving around with my friends in high school, talking about boys and eating DQ blizzards.


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