Last weekend, a lady at the Macey’s bra department changed my life. She made me buy three bras. She gave me advice about how to take care of my chest. She also told me how to fold my bras.

And then she whispered something in my ear that I will never forget.

It was strange. And profound. And enlightening.

The next day, Cameron said what are you thinking about? because i was sitting on our bed, in my robe, holding the hair dryer, staring at the wall. I said, what? He said, is something wrong? And I said, no. He said then what are you doing? And I said, I was just thinking about what that lady said at Maceys.

he laughed. I kept staring. Then I said, I wonder if she’ll show up in a novel or in my journal.

He said, you’re serious?

I’m serious.

You should go back and talk to her again if you are going to write about her.

I looked at him. No. That would ruin it.

He was confused.

Do you have moments like these? Filed away in your head? People you’ve seen, things they’ve said, feelings you’ve had? They don’t last long but they linger in your head for years. I think this lady will be with me for a long time.

If you need a new bra, go to Macey’s.



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16 responses to “Tired

  1. Elizabeth Dimit

    That’s so funny! I was in St. George visiting my family a few weeks ago. My sister told me I had to get a bra fitted by this lady at Dillard’s. She called her the “bra whisperer”! 🙂 But, wow, she was AMAZING, and I actually did end up using my experience in a chapter of my WIP. (BTW, I’m so excited to be in Boot Camp with you this year!!!)

  2. I need a bra whisperer. What did she say??? Tell all.

    I use bits and pieces of my husband in every love interest I write. Then his sisters call me out and say this phrase or that description sounds suspiciously like their brother. Then they are just “ew” in the steamy scenes. Haha.

  3. Yes. I have things that people say that I keep in my heart. I also have things that characters in books say that I keep in my heart. It is a good reason to read. And to write.

  4. I am also dying to know what bra lady said. Since I will meet you at boot camp, you can tell me in person.

    Yay for boot camp…

    Also, I meet ‘characters’ all the time. I guess that’s why we’re writers, we see characters everywhere.

  5. First, like everyone else, I am dying to know what she said. Second, I am excited for Boot Camp! And third– what’s with the astronaut-guy behind your words? I’m quite curious.


  6. can we find out if we’re not in boot camp? because i think i may have this post stuck in my head for years just out of curiosity. i need to keep a notebook with me and write things down. because i hear great things all the time, but i always forget them. it’s nice when i say something stupid, because i know i’ll forget it within a couple days and not dwell on how dumb i was. but it’s not so nice when i know i heard a perfect gem to use for a character and can’t remember it.

  7. Charlotte

    I am a firm believer that bra shopping can change your life on so many levels. And people too. The ones that leave an impact often show up in my writing.


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