Whiskey Wednesday

I am going to talk today in this {very very late} post on what Ann Dee wrote. {I seriously can’t get used to this new three day post thingy. I dunno. I’m so used to fridays. and even then I was late sometimes!}
About people you meet in real life but that could make amazing characters.

I met this boy once.
Okay, not once. we were actually very close friends. We hung out a lot before I met Eric, and even after I met Eric. All of us became pretty tight.
The reason this guy was such a great character. {at least to me}

The second day I hung out with him, he wrote my mom {Carol Lynch Williams} a love letter. He told her about how he loved her writing {Altho he hadn’t read anything she actually wrote} And that if she would let him, he would be her noble steed, and he could take her away on the sunset.
He wrote all of this, except it was a lot funnier and better, I’m just writing what I remember.
That’s not the only reason this kid was a great character.

He was a nude model. “Aren’t you nervous when you do that?” I asked him when he was at my house once. “I was, but then I decided I’d just smoke a bunch of weed before the sessions. So far it has helped a lot.”

He almost got arrested for having a bear trap in his car once. {He told the officer “I’m sorry. I found that on Sandy Beach about two years ago. I forgot that was in there.” And he was telling the truth. Because his car was full of junk. Including a few bear traps and fishing poles}

He gauged his ears with the spine of fish that he caught. He explained to me “It works, because each row is just a little bit bigger.” I was like, “That’s gross, I just used tapers.” He said, “Well, I do now. Sadly the bone somehow grafted to my ear and so it was a bitch to take out.”
Gross. But he totally did that to save money, and to recycle the bones of the fish.

He is, the funniest person I know without even trying to be. That’s just a snipit of the stuff he said and did. So I will be using him in a book. Someday.


A few songs I have been obsessing over, and think that make amazing background music for when I write.

<— I don't know if these will actually play….



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3 responses to “Whiskey Wednesday

  1. Oooh. I like that character. Definitely book worthy.

    Also, I think we are music twins because every song you’ve ever posted since I started reading this blog has either been one of my favs or becomes it. And I agree–these are great writing songs.

  2. CLW

    I can’t wait til you sell your first book so you can put Ben in your third book.


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