Three Things Thursday

So my good friend, Kirk Shaw, is leaving. Like leaving leaving–going away leaving. And I told him that I would post his house that’s for sale (check out the library!!!!). But then I thought–“But if he sells his house . . . he really really really will go.” And it makes me sad to think this.

But, I promised. So check out the link below. I think you may have to copy and paste.

Let’s do a few writing exercises.

Funny first–
You have your main character and she finds out her best friend is leaving.
What might she do to stop this move?
Sure, she misdirects the moving trucks. But think deeper than that.
Funnier than that.

Scary second–
Your main character’s best friend needs to move.
Something weird is going down at the place next door.
Write a scene where the best friends know, for safety’s sake, there needs to be a move.
(At first I thought ghost, but I’ve thinking about writing a murder book, so that’s what’s coming to mind now.)
Spend enough time in this scene that we know the place well, the situation well and that the hairs on our arms stand up.

Letter third–
Have your main character write a letter to the person who is leaving.
Have her get a letter back that she isn’t expecting.

Other exercises might include:
a romantic scene
a huge fight
an odd present that is left for one or the other
a main character who feels guilty that she’s glad her best friend is leaving
a mystery, the uncovering of something neither of them knew, that now halts the move

Play with all these things, even if none have anything to do with your current story.

For those interested–Kirk is teaching at Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers. There are a couple spots left in his class.

And Kirk, I’m going to miss you. You are a fabulous friend, a fabulous editor and a fabulous human being.
I wish you the best.
You and your amazing family will be in my heart.
So much love, Friend.



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