To Post or Not to Post

I keep forgetting about my post. Just a few more weeks and maybe I can get it set in stone in my brain.
Maybe .
If I’m lucky.
The kids are watching some poorly written cartoons that I wish they wouldn’t. Every once in a whole I change to the TLC channel for a show about kids with Horrible Diseases and Terrible Health Problems. The children I babysit hate it. But sometimes it has to happen.
There is a pretty funny show they watch every once in a while called Regular Show. It’s pretty funny, and reminds me of something I would watch as a child. Pretty good characters. And such.
How does this have to do with writing? It doesn’t.
But this does.
Mom got her third starred review for WAITING in School Library Journal. Three stars? Amazing! Everyone be sure to congratulate her OR they could buy the book and write their own review. Which I recommend. Because the book is amazing!
Also, I’ve mentioned this before, but I must mention again. . .
The WIFYR conference.
If you haven’t signed up, now is the time. The afternoon sessions are always a good deal if you don’t have time to commit to a full five-day class.
There will still be an astounding performance this year and there will also be a lot of amazing people speaking. Think of all the friends you could make. . . Or maybe you could even snag yourself an agent! Who knows? I know that I’m bringing my novel this year. Maybe I’ll have time to sit in a few sessions and get some of advice!
Either way, I hope you are all there!
Everyone have a great week this weekend and stay safe. I am going fishing for the first time on Sunday. Let’s hope I catch some yummy dinner!



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4 responses to “To Post or Not to Post

  1. Andrea

    Kyra, have fun fishing! I haven’t been since I was about 18, but I loved it when I used to go. I need to find my poles in my parents’ garage and go again.

    I am really looking forward to reading WAITING. Congrats, Carol, on the great reviews!

    And I’ll second Kyra’s plug for WIFYR. I’ve learned SO much at those afternoon workshops–they’re worth every bit of the (very great) price. This year will be my first year attending the full-day conference, and I am so nervous and excited. Can’t wait!

  2. Andrea

    I’m in Matthew Kirby’s class. I think it’s going to be awesome. What about you?

    • CLW

      Kyra will do my bidding. But I really want her to sit in a class. Maybe Kirk’s. Or Cynthia’s or Greg’s. But not mine. If she sits in mine the whole time she’ll be saying. “Oh, Mom.”


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