15-Minute Blog

Here goes–I’m timing myself.
I always think i will spend just ten minutes. Fifteen at the most.
No. I start writing and the next thing I know, thirty minutes–45-minutes, have gone by.

Today is my I was BAPTIZED into the Mormon Church Day.
I try to celebrate every year.
Nothing big.
Just time with my kids.

ALSO–Happy Birthday Chris Crowe!!!!!
Chris is 72 today. He hardly looks a day over 70.

Today is also Memorial Day.
And sort of the Start of Summer.

So here is a list of 25 things I want to do this summer
No order of preference

Finish Fine in my Skin
Send off to Steve
Finish rough of computer addition book (mid grade) before conference starts
Go to Conference
Get everything prepared for a week before conference so I can breathe for one week before it starts
write four-five chapters of next book (either S&S novel or SMP novel)
work on non-fiction book with Ann-Dee
send in proposal
find a new house to live in
work on food storage
get birth certificate
have a fun week away–or doing nothing here
start to consolidate crap here at the house
go out to lunch with friends
have a few movie nights
use dehydrator machine
do another writing marathon with you all
win (can I say win????) lawsuit (this is a positive affirmation)
spend lots of time with my girls
lose 15 pounds
stop biting my nails
start working on next year’s conference
get my website/blog thingie up and running
write like I am a real writer–like this is my job–because it is
come up with a few ideas for Rick Walton and his e-books
Laugh. A lot.

That last one is the most important.
I want to be happy this summer.
Not let ex-crap and lawsuits and painful experiences bother me so much.

Everyone, post your 25 hopes of the summer.
Maybe we’ll meet on a beach somewhere, if we co-ordinate!!!!

PS This took just about 15 minutes! Excuse typos, please. 🙂



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4 responses to “15-Minute Blog

  1. I thought you just moved into a new house. You certainly need a dose of caramels. Where shall I send them?

  2. lisakay

    Get into a meaningful relationship
    Go to the beach 10 times
    Laugh more than a lot
    Spend time with my sisters
    Use my pass of all passes at least 20x
    Affective morning study
    Make more friends like 3 or something
    Finish novel completely
    Stretch to the point where I’m flexible
    Lose five pounds
    Soak up enough sun that I don’t look ill
    Go on a spontaneous vacation
    Lay under the stars
    Spend 20 min of silence with someone else
    Eat popcorn at the movies
    Hold a puppy
    Ride a horse
    Actually/legitely finish my novel
    Sleep in a tent even just one night
    Read every book on my list
    Have a few times each week when I just listen to the quiet
    Get to work early every day
    Write a new song on the guitar
    Memorize one song a week

    hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the summer . . . we’ll see!!

  3. spend a lot of time at the beach with my girls
    pack a box a day (starting in june)
    attend work conference (sadly not the writing one i want to attend with y’all)
    visit grandparents in a state i’ve never visited
    spend a fun day with my mom
    catch up on my family journal (aka blog) for 2012
    take each of my girls on a mom date in june, july, and august
    write 5 minutes a day
    exercise 4 times a week
    spend more time at the beach
    enjoy a staycation with the hubs
    go swimming
    be happy with myself

  4. Andrea

    spend more time with my kids than I do on my freelance work
    work on my book for at least 15 minutes a day
    go on lots of walks with my kids and hubby
    read some awesome chapter books to the kids
    visit the library every week
    read five novels
    exercise three times/week
    organize my laundry room (the bane of my existence)
    make homemade ice cream
    visit my grandparents in Utah
    build a rad fort
    give my kids cooking lessons
    replace all our windows
    play catch with my husband
    try not to get too stressed out about deadlines
    attend WIFYR!


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