Eric just bought the most stupid game ever. And it’s called Skyrim. Ever heard of it? Yeah, I thought so.
So he has this stupid game. And apparently it takes about 175 hours to win. Or maybe even worse. But I figure, he worked for 11 days straight at almost 12 hours a day. . . I guess that means he earned a bit of time to assslack while playing xbox.

I don’t have a lot of free time, and the free time I have, I spend with Eric. And now he has this game.

But I just discovered that the game is sort of a horrible blessing in disguise.
Yes. And that is this. . . .
I have already gotten a hundred pages of my novel re-written.
I didn’t.
But I’m excited. {Even though I hate this novel now. Every word sounds like crap in a handbasket. Mom says that’s normal when you’re doing your millionth re-write like I am.}

Mom had a list of 25 things that she wanted to do this summer. Maybe I should post a few of mine here.
SELL NOVEL! Someone somewhere might like it . . .right?
Get a little house to live in with Laura.
Get new car, which also means, get job.

I probably have to move back in with my mother dear. I’m not sure how she will like that because I have saggy ears and wear shirts that show my bra, but I don’t really have any other choice. {Unless someone knows of a killer priced basement apartment or something along those lines, for rent?}
So that is why a job will be nice. My nanny job ends on Saturday. I will be very sad to go. I love those kids–like family, but it isn’t worth the pay anymore. But it’s still sad. They love me back.

I was watching a documentary on this serial killer. And one of the people that grew up with the murderer talked a little bit about their childhood. He said that there was a town pedophile {Sounds like something Mom would write about} that lived on their block. And that the kids would go to his house sometimes {I’m not sure why. . . kids are stupid. That’s probably why} and he would get eggs that were almost ready to hatch and open them up and expose the baby chick. Most of the time the bird couldn’t survive.

The guy talking said he was so disgusted by that, that he knew the man was evil. {This was before they found out he was a raging pervert. The pedo, not the guy.}
Doesn’t that give you the worst image in your head? I don’t know why I keep going back to that but I do. Maybe I’ll steal it and put it in a book somehow. Hmmmmmmmm

This post is farrrrr too long to read. But either way, everyone have a nice week!



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2 responses to “Mishmash!

  1. That does give me a terrible image in my head! Yikes – what a person to have living on your street. Of course, since the person being interviewed knew the killer too, maybe the pervert paled in comparison.

  2. my husband plays xbox and it is my writing time. works great! good luck with the job hunt and house hunt. and rewrite!


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