Five Things Monday

Yup, that’s all this week.
We are barreling down the street toward the conference and I don’t have many spare minutes.

#1 Does anyone know the allergens in the air in Provo UT right now that could be making my allergies–and Carolina’s asthma–come back? You should see my eyes. They look AWFUL. Eyelids nearly swollen shut. Split. Pink. Hurting.
And Nina–who was outside in her father’s neighborhood (after we girls slept with the windows open the night before)–isn’t feeling too hot. (Both areas have a lot of trees–but when I looked this up on-line it said grasses may be the reason.)

#2 So listen to this:
It’s our own Matt Kirby.
The guy is smart and a great writer and he once said to me, “I would rather not be published than to write something just for the money.” Yup, Matt Kirby fans, it DOES matter to him that he does his best writing as well as everything else.
We were on the phone when he told me this, so I couldn’t run over and rest my head on his shoulder.

#3 Two weeks to the conference.
I am starting my own private NaNo to finish the novel I began in November–a book I think has possibilities.
My goal (not including today because I have to take children to doctors) is to write four hours a day.
Not an easy task with the conference so close I can touch it.
But I want to get a draft done.

#4 The week of June 17-22 is the conference.
Ann Dee, Kyra and I will all be busy with it. IF there is someone posting or tweeting or whatever, we will let you know–otherwise–you won’t hear from us till the following week.

#5 I cannot believe John Edwards . . . wait . . . no, I won’t say anything more.
Last thing today:
Write a 300 word start to a romance using as many cliched phrases as possible.
(I have always wanted to write a book this way. Maybe I still will!)


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  1. Awesome interview with Matt. Thanks for sharing the link!


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