Today I took my boys to their first ever swim lessons. I even took the baby to a mom and me one. This took me an hour and a half to get ready for because I couldn’t find the swimsuits or the swim diapers and then I wasn’t sure where the receipts were for the lessons and they said you had to bring the receipts even though it turned out it didnt matter and then I sliced my finger while I was trying to make lunch for afterwards and my five year old had to open the bandaid and put it on and he was very proud and then the baby had an accident and I couldn’t find a swimming cover-up except for an old maternity thing.

We got to the pool and then a half hour later it was over.

Dear life. I love you.

I am starting a summer writing project.

It’s going to be fun. You should do it with me. Three times a week (T/TH/S) I will be posting writing prompts on mywebsite. I am also emailing them out to my family. I can email them to you too if you’re interested. All you (and your family and friends and whoever else needs to get their journal writing bum in gear) have to do is write three sentences (or a ton more, but at least three sentences) in response to the prompt. My hope for my family is that by the end of the summer, if enough people to do it, we’ll have a mishmash family history of sorts.

The first one is easy. I was little orphan Annie five years in a row. Best costume eva.


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  1. CLW

    I want to do this with you.
    The thing is, I know I will forget. So how do you remind me?
    And I am so glad you love life.

    I saw a bit of an interview from Anna Quindlen (BLACK AND BLUE) where AQ talked of her mom and those last months caring for a dying parent. And she said something about how her very sick mom fought to live.

    Shouldn’t we fight to live each day?


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