Hello everyone

I am so happy to say that I have not tucked my skirt into my underwear once this summer. I am also happy to say that the last time I taught at WIFYR I did tuck my skirt into my underwear at a fancy restaurant. Also, my amazing workshop group did a wonderful tribute to my panty problem that was very thoughtful and kind–because that’s what we writers do, we support each other through thick and thin.

Now, a week away from the conference and I am preparing like crazy. picking out skirts. picking out underwear, eating lots of food. it’s a lot of work.

I’ve also been reading manuscripts and it occurred to me why this type of thing is so wonderful. When you meet people and they tell you where they’re from and how many kids they have and maybe even an embarrassing moment, you sort of get to know them. Maybe you’ll say hello next time you see them on the street and chat a bit. But when you meet people and you get to read their writing, their stories, you are connected to them. You get to know them on a level you never would otherwise. It’s exciting and surprising and fascinating. I love reading stories. i love learning about people through their writing. I love workshops. To this day, I can still tell you about every single manuscript we read at the conference two years ago. Those stories stay with me and i think about them. Having read the submissions for my group this year, I know the same thing is going to happen.

I want to thank Carol and everyone for putting on this conference and for allowing me to meet such wonderful, passionate writers who care about their work but also care about each others work. Who meet together to form a creative community full of compassion and mutual respect. I can’t wait for the week to begin and to dig into these worlds with like-minded people. It’s the one place I feel comfortable tucking my skirt into my underwear.



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2 responses to “Hello everyone

  1. *takes notes* “Don’t tuck skirt into underwear.”

    Can I tell you how excited I am to be at WIFYR this year? I’m squeeing right now and wishing I didn’t have a ‘to do’ list a million miles long. Well, I might be exaggerating a tiny bit. Maybe a thousand. I’ve only crossed one thing off this morning so far. And it was: wake up.

    I’ve enjoyed reading the MSs as well and can’t wait to put faces to the amazing writing!

  2. That was a great class. I know your class this year will love you as much as we do.


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