Three Things Thursday

1. Ann Dee, Kyra and I are going to chat this weekend about whether or not we’re going to have a middle of the summer writing marathon.
We’ll announce on Monday.
Or maybe tomorrow.

2. I learned a great writing exercise from Greg and Cynthia Leitich Smith. I’m going to pass it on to you–Write a letter to yourself of ALL the things that are wrong with your book that need to be fixed BEFORE you send it on to an editor. Important–add those gut things–the things you sorta think you should fix but feel too tired to work on. Whenever I ignore my gut about my writing I always end up having to change that thing the gut was talking about.

3. Think of the darkest thing you would ever write about. In 25 word or less, jot that down. Now think of the happiest thing you would ever write about. Jot that down (25 word limit). In fifteen minutes, 7.5 per idea, write down all the things that could go with these story ideas. For example, I have an idea about a girl who’s father is a pretty bad guy. I also have an idea about a girl who is communicating with someone who has passed on. These are exact opposites story lines. I’ve not thought of either one more than this. So today, I will play with you all.

Feel free to share.


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