So here is what I sometimes sign my name as “Carolwhoissofarbehindshecanseeherownbutt.”
Last week is such that I am already behind–but–at this point–I seem to have Internet. So that’s a good thing.

Two icky things that have happened. Some of you know I bought a house on a land contract and the home began to fall apart around me.
I left the home and have asked for my down payment money back. The good old religious man has decided that he wants to go to court because they feel they will win and that my case is very weak.
I’m scared and sick to my stomach. I have to go to yet another lawyer. Is it worth it? I gave my life savings as a down payment.

The second thing? Our dog ran away and we haven’t seen her since Saturday night. She isn’t a runner like my kids were (just kidding about my kids). She never leaves the yard. But there were fireworks and they scare her and now she’s gone. We miss her something terrible. I miss her grin when she comes back from chasing a deer, her grin when she sees me first thing in the morning, the way she follows my mom around to make sure she’s okay.


There is one more thing. When my stress level gets high, I get sick. I have been feeling pretty bad for a few months now. Plus now I’ve been having stupid anxiety attacks. I can’t sleep at night.

These events will eat (have been eating) into my writing time so I am going to lower my numbers BUT I will still participate in the LONGEST WRITING MARATHON WE HAVE EVER DONE TOGETHER!

Tomorrow, Ann Dee will talk about if we want to do prizes or lunch or post things you wrote or whatever. Right now I will just remind us of what I said last Monday. 🙂

The Longest Marathon We Have Done on the Blog

Here’s how it goes: You start Monday–TODAY. You end on Friday 13 at midnight.
Set your goals. Share them.
Write daily.
Keep track of what you do so you can tell us all about it here.
PLEEEZE share.

You can participate in:
The Second Longest Marathon We Have Done on the Blog

Here’s how that one goes: You start on Wednesday 11 and go to Saturday 14.
Set your goals. Share them.
Keep track of what you do so you can tell us all about it here.

You can participate in:
A Normal-Sized Throwing Up Words Writing Marathon
This is any three days you choose (usually we go Th, Fri, Sat).
Set your goals. Share them.
Keep track of what you do so you can tell us all about it here.

My goal:
Well, I still have that NaNoWriMo book to finish.
I’d be happy if I can get 1,000 (I’ve changed this from 2,000) words done each day.
Final goal (gulp) 5,000 (it was 10,000) words. PLUS I want to do one read-thru, making corrections as I go.

Reading through and rewriting is ALWAYS slow for me so it’s probably best that I do that after reaching my daily goals.
I’ll keep you updated!

So on you marks, get sets, GO! Write everyone! Write like crazy!!!

And Violet–Come home!



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5 responses to “Behind Already–BUT WE’RE MARATHONING THIS WEEK!!!!

  1. I ❤ you, Carolwhoissodarncuteandsuperinspiringandiwouldgiveanythingtobeascoolasherwhenigrowup. Love and prayers coming your way!

  2. Cheryl

    I’m sorry to hear about all that icky stuff going on. It’s amazing what we can endure when we have to – for all else, there’s the fetal position. It’s always a shame when religion cannot transcend basic human behavior – ECKSPECIALLY when money is involved. Please know that you are very loved and have many friends sending prayers and hope your way.

  3. Hope things get better for you Carol–and hope especially that you find your dog. Years ago, our dog George–who we loved so very much–hid in the bathroom behind the toilet whenever there were fireworks. He hated the noise. George lived to be very old –like 17. We still miss him. My youngest daughter Tracy kept his collar.

    I woke up this morning with the words to a religious song running through my mind. Interesting whenever that happens, and for some reason it does happen to me periodically. It is usually only a few words–a snippet of the song. I always feel like I must find all the words and figure out what they mean to me at the time. So part of the chorus of “Consider the Lilies of the Field” was repeating itself in my mind. Check out Matthew 28:6 (a few verses before and after) it is a good thing to remember. Trust in Him.

    As for my writing today, my oldest sister and brother-in-law are in town. I didn’t realize they were coming. I’m headed to my mom’s where they are staying and my brother and his wife are coming, along with two of my aunts. It’s okay, I started the marathon last Friday and wrote myself into a corner. So I have to re-evaluate the story anyway and figure out what to do. But for today, I’m going to relax and enjoy family.

  4. Kim Woodruff

    I hope you find your dog, Carol, and I hope everything goes well with the court case.

  5. I’m sorry about your troubles. Trials suck while you’re going through them. Sorry about your dog, too. Have you checked the different shelters? They always get a lot of animals right after the Fourth. We’ve found pets there before after they panicked and ran off. Crossing my fingers and praying for you.

    Well, off to start the marathon after procrastinating for hours and hours. Ug, I am so good at procrastination.

    Hang in there.


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