Marathon Day #2

How did yesterday go? What is your plan for today? When will you write? How will you avoid distraction? What are your goals?



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4 responses to “Marathon Day #2

  1. I fell about 400 words short of my goal for yesterday with right around 1600 words. Today I’m going to avoid Netflix like the plague and reward myself with a frozen yogurt when I reach my goal of 2000 words.

    And I’m going to shower. (Be ever so proud of me.)

  2. I made 1300 of my 1200 goal yesterday, but—sadly—today isn’t looking quite so good as yet. Why is it family and neighborhood concerns think they can take precidence—what’s with that?

  3. On the 10th, what with Herb’s son (here from Alabama) staying with us for a few days, and other distractions, I got 0 of 1200 done. So far today (and it’s already late), I have 750—that may be it. I’ll do what I can tomorrow, Friday I know will be difficult, but I definitely have NOT given up. I set myself a couple of 20 minute “challenges,” and that seemed to work out pretty well. I”ll try to do a bunch of them tomorrow. Thanks for sponsoring the Marathon. It IS getting me going, just not yet up to the speed I want or need.


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