Keep Marathoning! Hope You are Hanging in There

Our first tip of the day is from Alison Randall
(EVERYONE: I can’t get the head shots to load. Please forgive me.)

Alison L. Randall is the author of the picture book The Wheat Doll, which was born at WIFYR and published by Peachtree Publishers. Her several short stories have appeared in various print and online magazines. Alison also dabbles in novel writing but has realized that dabbling will never make her a published novelist.

This is what I learned

After five years of attending the all-day WIFYR workshop I figured I’d heard everything there was to hear about writing for young readers. I just needed to work out how to apply it all—or so I thought. That’s why I cut back to afternoons only and, eventually, volunteered to assist.

Then I read, “Icefall.” I was so taken with Matt Kirby’s writing that I grabbed the opportunity to take a class from him. Even if I didn’t learn anything new, maybe something about his style would rub off on me. Or so I thought.

Boy, did I think wrong. The biggest thing I learned at WIFYR this year was that I hadn’t heard it all. Every author, every editor, had a different perspective on the writing process and everyone I heard offered me at least one luscious tidbit on the craft. I still need to work out how to apply it all, but now I know how much I still have to learn.



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