Are You Working? Are You Writing?

Keep going! It’s already Thursday. Who would think a week could go so quickly and drag also?
See what amazing Courtney Lowe has to say about WIFYR.

Courtney Lowe is a veteran bookseller and currently manages community relations and major author programming for the Provo City Library. She writes young adult dark fantasy and horror, which means she befriends things that go bump in the night.


WIFYR packs a year’s worth of hard writing experience into a pre-published author’s head. Every year I go, listen, and apply what I’ve learned to my work, my craft grows. In 2012, I feel like I’ve walked away with a wealth of new tactics to implement, including how to increase showing character emotion, how to self-edit like a pro, and how to look for metaphors in the magical (or monstrous!) elements of a novel. I’ve also gained additional insights into both the strengths and weaknesses in my writing, which in and of itself is a marvelous and necessary thing.

All in all, I wouldn’t miss WIFYR for the world. The intensive, week-long experience is exhausting, but writers will see their work flourish under the support of a seasoned faculty member and their workshop classmates. Serious writers on the West coast should not miss this conference!

Carol here–We always hope that the conference will benefit our attendees. This year news has reached us that John Cusick of Scott Treimel NY has a new client named Courtney Lowe!

To all our guest bloggers, I apologize for not getting pics up. I can’t seem to make it work, and I’ve even had Kyra over here trying to help me.


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