Motives – by Debbie Nance

Debbie Nance was born and raised in Washington State. She moved to Utah where she finished high school, attended the University of Utah, and met her husband. Debbie has always loved to read, tell stories, enjoy music, and do genealogy. She loves to write for kids and teens. She and her husband have lived in Utah, Virginia, and Ohio, and currently reside in Taylorsville, Utah. They have four grown children and 12 grandchildren.

Imagine beautiful Debbie here

J. Scott Savage’s afternoon session on Motives was amazing! He taught why a character in a novel is unbelievable by expanding on five problems:
(1) Lack of history
(2) Reactive, not proactive
(3) Random decisions
(4) Lack of growth
(5) Unexpected change of heart

Jeff explained the importance of knowing and understanding the motives of our characters. He showed that the strength of a motive defines the strength of the event required to alter a character’s behavior. He taught us how to track the motives of characters in our own novels. And he explained the levels of complexity in motives used for writing early reader, middle grade, and young adult novels.

I believe analyzing my novels and using the information Jeff taught, will make my writing better and take me to the next level as a writer. This presentation was one more reason WIFYR was well worth attending this year.


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