Tidbits by Christopher Fitzgerald

I’m a freelance photographer aspiring to self publish YA novels for boys.
My photography website is here: http://www.candidatephotos.com/
This summer I’ll debut a blog that combines photos and writing.

I was supposed to have slept late. Instead I woke up early in my hotel
room and scribbled down one idea after another for my young adult novel.
This creative logjam bust on the morning after attending the conference.
Enrolling in a morning workshop was a good move for more than just
myself. The other beneficiary was my main character. Thanks to his
exposure to my classmates, he’s revealing way more about his inner
demons than I ever dreamed he would.

Carol here–It’s Friday the Thirteen. Are you writing your fingertips off?
I haven’t written at all thought I have thought of writing. We’re still feeling awfully sad here.
I think I will marathon later when I don’t feel so down in the dumps.
That said, i am proud of ALL YOU WRITERS! You are amazing!


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