How Many are Finished? How Many Still Rocking the Writing?

I thought yesterday would be my last day working on my novel. In my secret heart (Yes, I have one of those. It’s tucked in a pocket in my fatty, over-used, heart-broken heart) I had wanted to complete a draft of my NaNo book. I really thought it was going to happen. The morning before we found out Violet was killed, I’d spent less than a half hour and written nearly my goal. Kyra and I have both both too sad to write, but we’re planning a silent marathon for ourselves when we stop bursting out in tears at odd times.

Violet, I miss you!

But this is to cheer you on.
For those of you who chose three days, Keep Going! You have this overcast-ish sorta day to write (at least it seems darker outside with my curtain shut). Yahoo! New words for you! Goals for you!
Keep going Dear Writer Friends! We think you are amazing.
Let us know if you hit your goals.

TIDBIT: by Dancing Machine Rena Lesue-Smithey

I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to participate in Carol’s Advanced
Writing class at WIFYR. It’s the best thing I could’ve done for advancing
my writing career. WIFYR introduced me to a group of writer peers who, in a
professional and collaborative environment, helped me identify the flaws in
my WIP. Plus, the relationships I built with the other writers have
extended beyond the week-long conference. I’ll be going next year.


Rena Lesue-Smithey aka Rena: [RE-nuh] n. 1. one who writes, especially as an occupation 2. wife, mother of two 3. English teacher 4. Correspondent for the Daily Herald 5. Blogger http://www.prose-spective. blogspot. com 6. Exercise enthusiast, http://www.theredbookexper iment.blogspot. com 7. Author of One-Armed Freak available through Amazon as a Kindle 8. Central Utah Writing Projectfellow, 2011 9. avid reader.


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One response to “How Many are Finished? How Many Still Rocking the Writing?

  1. Kyra Nelson

    Goal= 700 words a day
    Actual writing= 1000+ words a day
    Conclusion= Victory!
    Other conclusion= I need to set higher goals for myself.

    Also, so sorry to hear about your dog. Hope you heal up quickly.


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