Lawyer Bidness Plus Your Writing Marathon

So I have to go to the lawyer today about the house we bought and had to leave because of how dangerous it was.
Plus, I have to clean the kitchen with the girls. That’s right. Today we are cleaning that hog pen as a group.
“Get in there and clean that hog pen.” That’s what Mom used to say.
This reminds me of what my nana would say. “You can’t sleep in any of my beds with feet that dirty. You wash ’em or bag ’em.” I never bagged my feet. I did clean plenty of hog pens.

Cried too much last night and had another allergic reaction. I think it’s because of what I wipe my eyes on. I should be wiping them on the curtains. But the curtains in this house are sorta old and made of thick, itchy material.


Did you meet your goals?
How long did you write–total time?
Did you discover anything whilst writing–something that the story needed?
Did you like the week marathon?
Would you do it again? (I am going to try and marathon this week since I didn’t last week. Plus on Thursday I am going to tell you about our good doggie.)

Guess what?
Ann Dee and I are going to write a book together. We’ll tell you more when we finish it.
Plus, I think I may have figured something out the other night about a novel that isn’t written. It’s a book I’ve been thinking over for years. In fact, I’ve tried to get other famous people to write with me. Can you believe that Stephen King said “No”?

Remember, sometimes thinking can help. Except when bothering SK. Well, I guess I’ll see what happens with the idea!

Let us know what happened last week. I’m curious.
And let’s do lunch one more time before the summer is over. AND I am going to try and find a church for us to have a dance in before school starts. I’ve been saying this for years and meaning it for years, but I may have a connection.
(Secret handshake that only writers who read this blog do.)



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5 responses to “Lawyer Bidness Plus Your Writing Marathon

  1. lisakay

    I also couldn’t do the marathon last week so I’m doing it this week. 1,000 words a day until Mon-Fri, then revisions on Friday. I’m excited, it’s time to start wrapping this bad boy up!

  2. Cheryl

    Hey – Steven King Don’t Dance!

  3. i’m in for dinner. am i invited even if i didn’t do the marathon? i did write that week – for work work, but it can still count, right? i’ll even share what we came up with, us writers of the writing department of the company i work for.

    so excited about you and ann dee writing a book together! that is the best news of the month!


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