Monday, July 23 = Lots of Things Hidden in the Post that Might Help You be a Better Writer (or Not)

I watched the Bachelorette late last night to see who would end up with Emily M. Who saw it? What did you think? I was very happy with the guy Emily chose. What about those of you who saw it?

(#1 IMPORTANT: We must have a Bachelorette Writing Contest. Ann Dee, Kyra and I will think of this! NOTE: This event will include a lot of rejection.)

Anyway, last night I had this dream: I was with Ann Dee and she was sad. I asked her why and then there was the BIG REVEAL. She said, “Both Jef and Arie are my brothers.” And I said, “What? Why haven’t you ever told me?” And she was like, “Because it’s part of the program.You can’t say anything.” (#1a Big Reveals are IMPORTANT in writing. Remember that!)
And Ann Dee was all sad because one of her brothers hadn’t been chosen.

Then I went to the credit union with Cait and when I got there the teller said, “If you want to open an account you have to be a BYU fan. But you don’t have to be a SUPER fan. You just need to be like this–” And then he roared like a cougar and made a clawing motion with his hand and I slid down the grass hill.

(#2 Dreams. I’ve talked about them before. And I’ve told you how Louise Plummer said once, “Put a dream in every book.” Which I had been doing up to that point and I still do today.

WRITE: So write three dreams your main character might have. They should be short. And they should have meaning (like mine do. See above.). Now write a dream for the rest of your characters. Keep them short and weird, but see what they tell you about your characters.

Now I’m going to talk about Violet.

I need to tell you all about her. Lots of people came to our house and hated Violet. She was a nipper. And she would sit on her bed and not move until you walked by and if she didn’t like you, she’d bite your heel. It happened to a few guys who visited. Plus a few girls. But mostly boys. Anyway, we nicknamed her Violent because of that.

A long time ago, I was at gas station with my husband and this kid pulled up in a truck and he had two pups in the bed of the truck. They were super thin and covered in poop. He told us he was giving the dogs away. Carolina had just broken her arm (I think) and Drew said, “Let’s take them home.”

“No way,” I said. But for some reason I looked at the little female and she was scared and I knew she needed us and even though Drew wanted the male we got the female. Carolina named the pup–who cleaned up pretty good–Violet. She learned pretty quick and only chewed up a few of the staircase steps. And yes, I was mad.

But here was the thing about her. When I got separated and then divorced, Violet stepped up.

Now we had another dog, George, who would let a robber in. But as soon as there was no guy in the house, Violet never let ANYONE near the door without alerting us. She barked at everyone. And she started nipping at the people she didn’t trust.

She watched over us.
She loved us and we loved her.

Violet slept till ten a.m. just like the girls. When she got up, she spoke a good morning to me–really, in dog talk. I think she was glad we were finally up and she could have her family hanging out with her. She ALWAYS smiled (unless she was nipping or I was telling her to get off the carpet). She slept outside your bedroom door if you were scared. She LOVED to play fetch and actually would try to get you to play with her by tossing the Frisbee or ball to herself. When we lived next door to the drug guy who tried to break into our house over and over, she stopped him. Over and over.

She wasn’t perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. She ALWAYS threw up on the carpet. Never on the hard floor. She would sneak on the carpet (and even on the sofa) if I wasn’t around. And she did all that nipping that I was sure was going to get her into huge trouble. No, she wasn’t perfect, but she was perfect for us.

On Saturday night, July 7, I forced her to go potty (I couldn’t hear the fireworks that frightened her) and she ran off. I feel like I let her down.
She was killed early Monday morning when someone hit her on University. We heard from a policeman that another person saw her get hit and went to sit with her until the police could arrive. Whoever you are, whoever did that, we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I feel awfully sad that Violet might have been afraid. She really was a scaredy cat and I don’t want that to have been her final emotion–wanting us and being afraid. We also heard she was killed instantly and this makes sense as when the girls went in to tell her goodbye, they were only allowed to see her little nose and one ear and eye.
She had the softest ears.

Today is two weeks. I’m starting to feel like maybe I can write a little–even though I am crying now. And even though I know I will cry about this for a while. I miss her terribly. I miss how she ran to the door when I put the key in the lock, I miss how she followed me all over the kitchen in case I was going to give her a snack, I miss how she would let me love her and tell her anything when I was having a lonely time. I want her to come home. I want her back. I want to bury her after she has lived a good long life. #3 Sometimes the best people are our dogs and the way we feel about them is good to put on the page. While I will never really write about animals, I will always write about love.

So, I have a new book idea and I have named one of the characters Violet. She’s a girl–not a dog. And this week I am going to try and really write cause I haven’t been able to. And if you want to write with me, please do. And remember you can put these emotions on the page.

Finally, I am very sorry for all the sadness caused by one man in Colorado. I do not know how the families will get through this. But my heart is with them. And so are my prayers. I guess my last hint is this: Some things just do not matter. Let the small stuff go by. Love as hard as you can. And tell those people you care about that you do love them. And those doggies, too.



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6 responses to “Monday, July 23 = Lots of Things Hidden in the Post that Might Help You be a Better Writer (or Not)

  1. rbs

    Reading about Violet brought forth chills and tears. Rest in peace, Dear Violet. And here’s hoping George steps up! =)

  2. That was beautiful. I love Violet from your words alone. Hugs.

  3. Andrea

    I’m so sorry about Violet. I hope you can find a dog who is as perfect for your family as Violet was–not to replace her, but to carry on her legacy:).

    • Carol

      I find myself wanting to rescue all the poor doggies who don’t have families. But I can’t do that. I never like dogs but my own.


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