Three Things Thursday

1. Look at the climax of your novel. If you tell the climax (which should be about one chapter) in half that amount of space, what would you get rid of? Try this exercise and see how this works for you. Keep only the best words, the strongest words. Make sure what you save moves the story forward to the end. Keep what is essential. Rewrite to make this work.
1a. If you haven’t yet written the climax but you have an idea what will happen, write the climax. Now do the exercise above, cutting away your twelve or so pages until you have just six left.
NOTE: This is just an exercise. I am not asking you to leave your climax in this state–unless it’s better. And I can bet there will be better parts!

2. Please send me a list of sister novels that you love. Yup, books about sisters. I need the list for a non-fiction piece I am writing.

3. Yesterday, there was a huge tragedy that was connected distantly to our family. It kind of knocked me for a loop. One of the things Ann Dee and I always worry about is if we are spending too much time away from those we love, if we are putting enough into the book writing or should we be writing more, are we being the best people we can? I’d like to encourage you this morning to write a list of ten people you love you haven’t spoken to in a while. Is there a way you can contact them? And maybe today, hug those who mean the most to you. And remember that life is short and at the end of the day is doesn’t really matter what you wrote but how you were to the people in your life–both close family and those you meet only once. Who are YOU?

PS I just found this:



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2 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Rebekah Lund

    Sister Novels: Beezus and Ramona, The Two Princesses of Bamarre, Sisters Grimm (series)

  2. Andrea

    Good ones, Rebekah! I’d also add Sense and Sensibility and Little Women to the list. I love the sister relationships in both of those novels.

    Carol, thanks for this post. Especially #3.


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