Funerals. Other Stuff

Kyra here {I need to not forget to start my posts that way…}

I have been such a baby lately. Thinking that I live the hardest life and all that good stuff. When last week, my best friends cousin {Who was also her other best friend, more like a brother} fell off a cliff and passed away.

I still can’t believe it.

This boy {His name is Logan} used to live in the room next to mine when I was living at Cassidy’s {My best friend} house. He moved in, and always used my towel. I hated it. He once told Cassidy “I overheard Kyra on the phone last night, she is not the type of person I want to make mad. Scary!”

I didn’t realize I was scary. Never really thought about it. Probably scary looking in the morning. {That’s for damn sure}

I was at the library last week. I promised myself I would go and work. I was just finishing up about an hour of writing when my phone rang. I almost didn’t answer it, but I did. It was Cass and she was crying. I couldn’t really hear much except that she needed me to come get her right now. She needed a ride to the ER. I rushed to car and went and picked her up.
I’ve never seen someone so sad in my life. {Actually, one other time, but that’s not what I’m talking about.} I ran out to meet her in the front yard and we hugged for awhile.
When she got in my car she told me who had died. The whole drive felt like a giant daze. When I dropped her off at the ER I could see Logan’s family standing outside the door. They were waiting for Cassidy to show up.

She called me later and told me Logan and his dog had been hiking, and somehow he fell. Cassidy wasn’t sure how Logan fell but when he did his dog jumped in after him. There were witnesses to the whole thing, {Boy scouts or something} and when they reached his body, the dog and he were curled together.
The dog, Luna, survived the fall.

{Info about what happened and Logan}

I went to the funeral yesterday morning.
It was the longest funeral I’ve ever been to. It had a lot of beautiful music and sad stories.

It’s really made me think a lot about life. How hard it can be.

How does this relate to writing?
I think that the hard times, can sometimes, really lead to good writing. {Almost all of Moms books are based on somewhat true events. So she’s taken a lot of the hard in her life, and put it on the page.}
I’m not going to let myself have “Writers block” because of the hard stuff in my life anymore. I’m going to try and actually use those hard times, and make something nice out of them.

This isn’t supposed to be dramatic. So don’t read it that way.




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4 responses to “Funerals. Other Stuff

  1. Carol

    Thanks, Kyra.

  2. Carol

    I was writing and all the sudden two words posted. What I was saying was, thank you for being there for Cassidy and for being there for me when i need you and also, thank you for trying to write.

  3. I agree, Kyra. There have been a lot of hard things going on and you handle it so well.

  4. Kyra

    You guys are nice.


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