{Don’t mind that weird picture….}

Kyra here.

I think that the summer is leaving as fast as it can. That kinda pisses me off. I feel like I didn’t get enough sunshine. I’m like, super pasty white even.


I dreamed about books last night. I dreamed that I could figure out what happens in this current novel that I’m writing. I also dreamed that someone called me telling me that they loved every bit of my other novel. I haven’t looked at those pages in four months. {I wonder if right now is a good time to re-read it. . .}

Do you ever dream about a plot and in your dream you’re like “Wow. this is the greatest novel ever. I can’t wait to write it…” and then you wake up and you’re like “what the crap was that?”
That seems to happen to me almost every night. I either dream about Eric or novels. It’s almost like I’m stressing in my sleep just as much as I am in real life. I wonder if stress sleep still counts as sleep.

I’ve been doing a lot of slacking lately with my writing.
How do I get re-inspired?
What do you guys do to force the words on the page? You know I’ve started like four new novels this week and I can’t get more than six pages without wondering “What am I doing?”
How do you guys focus?
How do you keep yourself from being distracted? {Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, etc}
I need some advice. That “writers block” thing has hit me.

This week I am going to go somewhere and get my “fortune” read to me. I am hoping very much that the gypsy lady {This is what I’m imaging at least. . .} will tell me that I am going to be very successful in the near future, and that my lost love will come back and find me.
This is what I’m hoping.
But what I’m expecting is she will probably tell me I’m dying of some weird unknown disease. That seems more along my lines of luck. But who knows. :p

I’ve been listening to a lot of heartbreak dreary music. It’s not helping me get inspired, but I still can’t stop. I love a good sad hook in a song. I can’t help it.

I don’t know what else to say. I’m going to think about these posts better.

I had three job interviews this week. Cross your fingers one works out for me!



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  1. Fingers crossed for your job!
    Yes, I dream plot lines and/or dialogue. When I wake up, I’m inspired to go to work and use what I dreamed.
    Maybe try some happy music.
    Hang in there!

  2. CLW

    You are going to get your palm read?
    Don’t tell the person ANYTHING. See if they really know about your life.
    BTW, that doesn’t work. I have gotten fortune cookies that say. “You will win a prestigious prize” but never said when. And it still hasn’t happened.
    Also, be careful that the palm reader doesn’t put some horrible worm into your brain.That could be bad.

    • Kyra

      You never “when” because you want to WIN. heh heh heh heh heh

      yeah I’m not going to tell them anything. They will have to guess. πŸ˜‰ or predict.

  3. I dream of amazing stories almost every night too. It always morphs to crap by the morning. And you HAVE to share with us how your fortune telling goes!


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