This is my mom and dad:


Last Sunday they were married fifty five years.

No one in my family has ever been able to fit in my mom’s dress.

No one in my family has ever been as tall as my dad.

Also, my mom’s favorite movie is The Shining.

My dad’s favorite movie is The Milagro Beanfield War. 

What are your parents wedding day pictures like? Huge wedding? Small wedding? No wedding? What about your MC’s parents wedding? Was it on the beach? In a church? On a rollercoaster?

What is your mom’s favorite movie?

What’s your dad’s?

Same thing with your MC . . . Get to know their background. Have some fun.

Most people wouldn’t guess my mom loves scary horrible movies. but she does. she loves scary horrible movies and playing the piano and reading books and eating chocolate.

Here is a picture of me and my sister and my mom.

My mom had that hairdo my whole life. I look at pictures of her with her first four kids (I’m the youngest of nine) and her hair is different. She pulled it up on top of her head and I wonder if it’s long. How long is it? how was she able to do it like that?  I wonder when she decided to change it. Should I change mine? I wonder if she worried about it. I also wonder if she had smashed watermelon all over the floor.

What did your mom’s hair look like when she was younger?

What does it look like now?

What about your MC’s mom. Does she keep it the same decade after decade? Is it dyed pink?

Is there smashed watermelon on the floor of your MCs house? Does his/her mom keep up on that kind of stuff?

One more picture:

Okay two

My dad loves my mom. My mom loves my dad. My dad is the most selfless person I know.

Write about your MC’s dad.

Write about his/her mom.

Maybe your own mom and dad.

I think we write to figure things out. I’m so far from figuring anything out but I do know my parents love each other. I know that is lucky. Most of my MC’s aren’t so lucky.

The more you know about your MC, what his/her family is like, especially his/her parents, you will know so much more about your story. Take some time to write all you can about those parents.




by | August 20, 2012 · 9:48 pm

15 responses to “watermelon

  1. CLW

    I love no one can fit in your mom’s dress but her.
    And that your mom and dad love each other.
    i was just writing–just finishing a line–about my MC’s mom when I decided to check out your post.
    What I am happiest about your mom and dad is that they had you and that I am your friend and that we are so much alike even though *I* could be your mother.I have so much respect for you and your writing and the kind of mom you are.
    Also, I wish i had had nine kids.

  2. Andrea

    I love these photos!

    My mom had long shiny black hippy hair and my dad had a wide 70s tie. I love my parents’ wedding pictures.

    I need to figure out more about my MC’s parents. She doesn’t know who they are, and I don’t know if she’ll ever know. But I still need to know.

    Thanks for this post. I’m inspired!

  3. I love the pictures of your mom and dad. My mom was ten weeks from her 18th birthday when she married my dad. He was 22. When they went for the marriage license, Daddy had to show his driver’s license to prove his age because he looked so young; the clerk didn’t even ask Mom. They got married on the same day in the same place as Mom’s best friend and her husband. The four borrowed a car and went to Yellowstone to go camping for their honeymoons. Two small tents. Cooking over a campfire. Hiking. Bow and Arrow target shooting. So un-mom like for the Mother that I knew. Mom and Dad didn’t make it 50 years together. My dad died in 1984 at age 68, after a long and terrible illness. My mom will turn 92 next week and is still going strong. It’s a long time to be apart. I love their story and their photos, too.

  4. Elizabeth Dimit

    Wow, she was tiny! She looks like one of those ’50s moms on Father Knows Best, or Leave it to Beaver, or something. 🙂 My parents met on the steps just inside the main entrance to the BYU library. Despite major renovations, the steps are still there with indentations from thousands of students. I’d like to think that I walk in their footsteps whenever I climb those stairs.

  5. Lovely post! Congrats to your parents on fifty five years together! A loving family is a beautiful thing, a treasure. It comes across is this post that you truly appreciate the value of it. Thanks so much for sharing this glimpse.

    You’ve inspired me to get to know my characters better. I’m reminded that in writing for YA, the parents may not play a large role in the story, but I still need to know them well to portray them truthfully. Thanks!

  6. kathryn knudsen

    those pictures are the best. Makes me miss your fam.

  7. Did you really just say “Write about THEIR mom,” Ann Dee? For shame.


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