Re-Write and Stuff

Songs that best describe my current mood.

Kyra here.
I can tell that I’ve been in Moms house for too long. She’s getting antsy, even if she would like to say she isn’t.
I feel bad for her. Us coming in late all the time, leaving our shoes on the floor by the door, and Laura’s occasional swearing.
I’m sorry, Mom. I hope you know I’m trying my best. :p
But she would never think to ask us to leave. Because she loves us too much. And we love her.

While I have been very depressed this past month, I have somehow managed to start a new {Kinda new, kinda a blend with an old idea} story. I’ve only written a few pages, but it might turn out alright.
I have a very bitchy main character.
She might be too much like myself.

Is your MC too much like you?

Along with all my fake writing, complaining, crying on the front porch, night walking, job hunting, house hunting, I have also began a re-write.
Thank you to Ann Dee for reading my whole novel, and writing very good notes on the side.
It’s making this re-write the easiest one I’ve ever done.
I am so grateful.

How many of you are on fresh stories or re-writes?

I think I had an anxiety attack last week. During one of my many job interviews. {No, as you can imagine, I didn’t get the position. Which sucks because it really was the job for me. Pretty much any job is the job for me at this point.}
I drove all the way up to Salt Lake with Mom, trying to breathe. But for some reason every time I did, it felt like a giant cinder block was stuck on my chest. Then all these crazy thoughts decided to take a little jog through my head, and by the time I walked into the building for my job interview, I was shaking.
The girl that was interviewing me asked me a lot of questions. And I swear I didn’t hear one of them.
It was like my ears were ringing.

When I got out of there I had my freakout.
It sucked.

Telling this pointless story doesn’t really have a point except. I think my MC needs to think she’s having constant panic attacks.
Maybe she WILL have constant panic attacks.
But who will read a story about a girl who does that? {Probably not someone with constant panic attacks.}

Has anyone seen Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind? It’s a goody.
I wish I had a brain erase machine, too.

I don’t think heartbreak ever leaves. I should hunt down some superglue.



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3 responses to “Re-Write and Stuff

  1. As I was lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep, I realized, omigosh, my MC is just like me. It’s taken me like 6 months to realize this. She’s super unsure of herself and though she does awesome tough things, she doesn’t think she’s awesome tough and totally plays it down in her head. Wow, a little too familiar methinks.

    I LOVE Eternal Sunshine. I just watched it again last week ’cause I’m thinking of writing a brain erase book. 😦 on the heartbreak.

  2. CLW

    I cannot believe you told the world that I am antsy.
    I am the opposite of antsy. I want you girls to stay with me forever. That’s why I have to buy a big house. We can all have a wing and in your wing you can leave down 14 pair of shoes.
    I love you and I am more than sorry about all this crap.
    My main characters are who I wish i was. And sometimes they are a lot like my kids. Again–who I wish I was. Kyra in The Chosen One. The only girl (not including Laura) brave enough to pick up a brick and bash someone’s guts out. If they need it.
    Heartbreak does leave. You just have too many things happening right now.
    Next time I can help you through the panic attack I am a professional at them. Just tell me.

  3. I’m sorry that you’ve been depressed. Depression sucks. I think it’s amazing, though, that you’ve started this new/old story. (We are all fake writers, sometimes, btw)
    I think that more people have freakouts and anxiety attacks than we think. And probably more people would read a story about an MC that has panic attacks than you think. I would.


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