Three Things Thursday

Only fun stuff today:

1. Look at five best sellers that are not up to snuff in plot and writing. How would you change them and make them work? I cannot give my example of this here because Ann Dee wouldn’t like it because she is good but I am bad.

(Dang it! I couldn’t find the one I was looking for)

2. Take one hour and write a romance. A Bad Romance. Make the writing as corny as possible.
Listen to this while you write.

Or, if you taped Cheri and me singing Bad Romance at WIFYR a couple of years back, watch that! Mary Kole was there, and she knew the BR dance steps!

3. Write ten goals that you really wish would happen. These can be goals that you have no control over (usually we don’t let you make these kinds of goals). For example, for some time I have been telling my dear agent that I want to make so much money that we can get each get an apartment in New York. Right next door to each other. Including a piano–so I can sing Bad Romance with him. I think this scares Steve a little until he remembers I probably won’t ever make that much money–but this is a dream, right?

Have fun!


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One response to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Kyra

    I’m doing this.


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