Spoiled Rotten

That’s me.
Class starts tomorrow (can you believe one of the local universities actually lets me teach writing!) and I don’t want to go.
I mean, I do.
But mostly I want to stay home and write this new book
(and the book I just started at 2:45 AM and know no one will buy because it’s controversial). And I want to rewrite the one at Dial and write the two other funny ideas I have and the one scary one and the one ghostie one.

I’m a big baby.
I get to do exactly what I want to do and I never do it hard enough or fast enough and I always have excuses and complaints. Like, look at my hair.
Or, the screens let in all the bugs. Or, why did I have to be pukie sick for four days–FOUR DAYS!–right before school?
The deal is, I get to do exactly what I want to do (I did NOT want to puke. I hate to puke. It hurts. And tastes bad.). I have my girls and I get to teach and I get to run a great conference and I get to write.
What’s better than that?

September is sort of a start over month. It’s my birthday month (of course) and it’s sort of a new year–you know, kids going to school and such (only not at our house).
At least it’s start over for me.
So I’ve planned a few new goals this month.
I have books to write and girls to do things with.
What about this blog?
Or a website?
Or online classes?
I want to do those things, too.

I want to write that book with Ann Dee
work on the book with my daughter Laura
and just look at everything that is good around me and enjoy it.

For heaven’s sake, I’m not running for president, I don’t want to win CHOPPED or CUPCAKE WARS, and I don’t need to sell cars for a living. I just want to write and love my girls and maybe make a record. And maybe even put together a scrapbook page. Plus star in one little commercial (I don’t mind pretending I am a runner but I will not play a big sun selling sausage sandwiches).
And perhaps steal a motor home since that’s what my character has just done. Sort of.

You know what happens after September, right?
A little break and then . . .
And November is NaNoWriMo. And we’re all participating in that, right? Plus also we’re not shaving cause it’s No Shave November. I am totally participating in that game!

Here are my goals for the end of August and for September to get me ready for November and no shaving etc.
Finish this newest novel. (Not the newest newest–just the newest.)
Rewrite the middle grade.

What are your newest goals?
I suggest something controversial that may not be picked up by a publisher.

Remember that dance I’ve been talking about for years? I suggest we do that sometime in September, too.
And everyone can bring me presents.
Woot! Woot!


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6 responses to “Spoiled Rotten

  1. Lynne

    It seems to me that you are right on track. Doing what you are doing because you are a giver. I’m sorry about the puking but someone has to do it. That’s what you do, Carol, the hard stuff. Come and pick up your b’day caramels. I wish you could buy or rent one of the houses in my ward because I learn from you every time I see you, and every time you post, and I’m selfish. You and Ann Dee should write a book together. So do that, and then the world will continue to turn and you will have one more thing you want and so will we, your readers.

  2. i love what you write and i hope we do get to read that controversial one. and i’m glad it’s your birthday month. mine is still here and i think we need to all go out to lunch to celebrate.

  3. Bruce Luck

    Summer vacation forever, please.

  4. Cheryl

    Hello wonderful Carol! I’m sending you wishes for a wonderful week full of good health, no ad nauseum vomiting and extra time each day to write. xoxoxox’s


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