Another Day, Another Dollar

Here’s the way it goes:
I have to be self-sufficient in less than three years.
Can I do this writing? Can I buy a house for the girls and me, make sure we have food and clothes and insurance (we haven’t had insurance in, literally, years), and have a safe space for my mom? Can I have a bit of land? I want three chickens. I want a huge garden. Can I make our bills? Not have to worry? That’s the biggest thing.
All of you know it.
The worry.

For some time I have hoped that I might be able to make a living–a decent living–nothing fancy–from my novels. That hasn’t happened.
The local school will never give me more than one class to teach (yes, I am stuck up and only want to teach creative writing classes) and another school pays crap for much more work of the same kind of class (if that even makes sense). I have known for a very long time that I need to depend on me.
Depend on me.
On myself.

So I have gone online and asked this: becoming successful at writing.

Here’s the first site I read and liked:

WARNING! Lots of naughty words but good grief, they are RIGHT! I wish it made me feel better.

So what am I going to do now?
End this post and work on the rewrite I need to get done and the novel that I am enjoying.
And then I am going to figure out to how to make myself write more each day.
Because I can’t sell books writing only as much as I am writing per day NOW. I can only sell a book a year doing this.

I think Stephen King writes 20 pages a day, no matter what.
I just read today he makes $45,000,000 a year.
Not expecting to do either, but if I am going to change my density, I gotta get a move on.



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6 responses to “Another Day, Another Dollar

  1. If you want to move to NY, you can have some land. We bought a crap-ton of it and have no money to build on it. I love you so much, I’d let you have some.

  2. Reality bites. That’s why we have dreams. It’s a lot harder making dreams come true, though, and it’s even harder doing the self/life-evaluation to figure out where to make changes. It sounds like you’ve just taken a huge step forward. Stephen King, watch out!

  3. Kyra

    I wish we had more dollars. And more books.

    BUt you are doing what you love. Just keep telling yourself that.

  4. Kyra

    also I’m glad to see you are reading cracked. that site is the bomb b. hahah cracks me up every single day. haha

  5. Cheryl

    The online money is in India Carol – we have to find a way to reach the young people of India. I’m tellin’ ya – you could do great things there and then have the freedom to do what you want everywhere else ie: on land overlooking the garden and chickens!

  6. i don’t have any great words of wisdom but just know that we love you and are cheering really loudly for you!!


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