Birthdays and BBQs.

hello dear friends.

Today I put a highlighter in my bra and forgot about it. 

One time before I was married I did that with money, as a joke, and then I forgot to take it out. Later I saw someone on campus and they said, it’s an emergency! I have to print my art project. Do you have a couple dollars.

I said, no. No I don’t 

but then I remembered there were a couple sweaty dollars in my bra. I was embarrassed because why did I put money in there? but he needed it and I had it and so I took the plunge and reached down and got him a couple bucks.

Now I keep highlighters down there. 

Please dont’ mention this if anyone reads this blog and sees me. I get very embarrassed and I don’t know why I’m writing it. But if you desperately NEED a highlighter, I may help a girl out. 

I’m also tired and I don’t know how I even try to run a house. Like keep it clean, rotate the food, get jetpacks for people. 

Tomorrow is a birthday for one of my boys and I have not made anything. No cupcakes. No fringed streamers. No bottled water with his picture on them. This is because I don’t feel like doing anything. 

Maybe that’s why I started writing today. 

WHen you don’t feel like doing anything and you might try writing. 

And not writing anything you should write or want to write, but more like, write whatever pops in that head of yours. 

Listen to this clip if you want to know what I mean.




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  1. i love your stories! highlighters, dollars, and all. and happy birthday to your #2! kapria’s birthday is the same day and we had craziness going on. can’t wait to see you soon.


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