Kyra Here!

I am at work. And guess what I do for a “living”?
I sell socks. Yes. I am the manager at All About Socks. That store that no one ever goes into but drives past all the time.
It’s actually the cutest store.
And we have great sales!
But the best part of the job. . . .
I get to write. Pretty much ALL DAY! {And I get paid pretty well. . .} But really. The writing part is great.
If you’re ever in need of socks, come and buy some from meee! Ha ha

I need some book suggestions on what to read. Anything that isn’t fantasy. I am very, very behind on the book world this year.



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5 responses to “Kyra Here!

  1. Congrats on the job! I love jobs that allow their employees to write when things are slow. You should tell us where the place is located so we can come buy socks.

  2. If I lived anywhere near there, I would come buy socks. But I don’t. =( My daughter loves socks – colorful, wacky, the crazier the better. I’m assuming if it is an entire store dedicated to socks, then they must have some wild stuff, no? So great that you get to write there. My daughter had a job this summer where she got to read – a lot. Awesomeness!!

    I couple of favorites that I’ve read lately are: A Little Wanting Song, The Summer I Learned to Fly, and I’ll Be There.

    Happy reading & writing!

    • Cheryl

      Hi Kyra,
      I think a story about a fantastic gal who works in a sock shop is an awesome setting for a story. I recently read a fun book during the olympics that takes place in the London Tower. It’s called “The Tower, the Zoo and the Tortoise”. If you like English humor and stuff it was alot of fun. It did have a bad, naughty word in it. But it was a great character book. Not YA but very fun.

  3. Kyra

    Yay!! book suggestions. can’t wait to start reading



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