Three Thing Thursday

1. Talk about someone who is brave and has changed lives through her writing. ARE YOU THERE GOD, IT’S ME MARGARET, shocked the heck out of my ten year old self. but I loved it. I admire her writing and her courage.

2. I love this. Which ones are the most helpful? Which ones are the least helpful? I love Neil Gaiman. 

3. You know that cleaning machine in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I wish I had one of those. ‘

The end.

Except this: why when my husband is late coming back from something, I immediately think he’s been killed or injured in some horrific way? Do I have problems? how do i fix these problems? Don’t answer that. 



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4 responses to “Three Thing Thursday

  1. i do the same thing with every person i know. i freak myself out a lot for no reason. it’s pathetic. but trav did it with me one time when i’d locked the child lock bolt on the front door when he wasn’t home. he got home and knocked and called and yelled and i didn’t answer. for 20 minutes he yelled and i didn’t answer. so he kicked open the front door thinking i was dead inside. really i’d fallen asleep in the bedroom with the kids and hadn’t heard him over the noise of the fan.

    after that, i never felt dumb about freaking out. we love and so we worry. it might be excessive worry, but that just means excessive love, right?

  2. Omigosh, add that your husband is out because he’s with Search and Rescue in the wild wild mountains and this is my life.

  3. CLW

    I love Shar’s comment–we love and so we worry.
    We live RIGHT by the fire station and hear every engine. When the girls are gone and a siren goes off Carolina or Cait or I will say, “Call and check on Elise, Laura, Kyra” or whoever is missing.
    My nana did this. It’s part of our make up.


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