Other Things I Do, Not Just Write

1. Buy socks, talk about my novels to Kyra. Talk to Kyra about her novels.

2. Watch a show while exercising that has K Stew and my FAVEY Ryan Reynolds and think, “He is so good looking.” Notice how there is a rise toward the climax of the movie, plus more and more and more struggles for the main character as he is kept from getting what he wants.

3. Take a long walk last night wondering how to make changes on a possible sale to Dial and to an amazing editor there.

4. Help my mom. Wonder if I can interview her about old Florida (not way old, but older than I can remember) for another book I am working on.

5. Wander toward Sunday School wondering if I can make some big changes to my NaNo book, taking out a part of it so maybe the book becomes more my own and less what I was hoping to do to make another editor happy and that didn’t work so now I must fix it because that book is 3/4 of the way done.

6. Think about a home, a perfect home, that must have an office for me to love it and maybe buy it and make it our own. Plus I need a huge library as I have thousands of books.

7. Wonder about the scary book while I’m driving. I need to get away from the bad guy and focus on the main character so the story is about her–not her father.

8. Using the restroom I think about how far I can push the book that both my editor and agent said was too soon to write. I already have a great first line.

9. Decide as I’m going to sleep I must be a more serious writer. I need to make the most of my time. Not waste the moments that are given me. Family, exercise, writing, church–those are the things I want to spend my time on.

10. Hear something about e-pubbing and send in a query about a possible series I started with a friend that would be good to see ‘in print’ in this newer format. Come up with another idea while watching food storage ideas on YouTube.

So there it is. Sort of how my mind works–books that I’m writing always on the edge of my brain, waiting for me to look more closely at them.

BUT on Saturday when I garage-saled I didn’t spend as much time thinking about books–just buying them–and other stuff I want but don’t need–and laughing with Elise and Laura, happy for a few hours with them shopping the way I love to shop. As hard as life is, it has really, really terrific parts.

PS There is an interview on FX tonight with the actors in THE PROPOSAL, my faveiest (just about) chick flick, that has Ryan Reynolds very naked-ish–not in the interview–the movie!

OH NO– I just saw this: Blake Lively Weds Ryan Reynolds!
Dang it. 😦



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4 responses to “Other Things I Do, Not Just Write

  1. Andrea

    I love Ryan Reynolds!

    I hope you find a wonderful home with space to write and a place for all of your books:).

  2. Elizabeth Dimit

    All I want for Christmas is a brand-new house complete with study and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves! 🙂

    • Cheryl

      Here! Here! My own private library with a fireplace and big comfy chair with an even bigger ottoman that I can spread my books and magazines on.

  3. Ryan Reynolds married Blake Lively? Boo!! At least my pretend famous, super gorgeous boyfriend, Zac Efron, is still single, even when I’m not. And you should interview my mom about old Florida. She’s been there since 1948. 🙂 And I know you were writing a book set in St. Augustine. Did I ever tell you I lived there during the summers as a kid?


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