A trip!

This week is a hard week for many many reasons. Our lives are in transition and my house keeps getting messy five minutes after i scrub it . . . okay, who are we kidding, straighten it and my car keeps dying  . . . . . but soon we are going on a trip and I haven’t been on a trip in five thousand years.

Writing. what to say about writing. Someone should do it? It’s good to write? Writing will change your life?

Lately I have little to no motivation to write. Or cook. Or drive around in a car.

On facebook (because there’s always time for facebook) one author posted this. “Authors write today. Pretenders write tomorrow.”

I understand the sentiment. I totally get it. It’s bad to not write. If you talk about writing and then don’t write, you are a fake.

This is all true.


maybe I can’t write today.

Or maybe my heart feels too tired.

Or maybe I fell asleep five minutes after my kids fell asleep.

DO IT ANYWAY!!!  Force yourself to sit down and write. No matter what.

That is true. That is good. I’ve said this before. You must write. All the time.

But what if I don’t. What if I can’t?

I’m a pretender.

Here’s my thing: Can’t we just do the best we can? Do we always have to label each other? Is there only one way to do it? Can we give each other a break? Can we give ourselves a break? Can there be more ice cream? Can we find beauty in laughing with our kids and thinking, this would go so great in a book? Can I sit in the days and be okay that writing has taken a backseat, with faith that he’ll move to the front seat soon enough?

Maybe I’ll write my face off in a week. Who knows. I know part of it is a commitment thing on my part. The other part is not making time. I know I know. We decide to make it a priority. We decide if we are going to let other things get in the way. I know this. I believe this. But I also think if other things get in the way, if priorities don’t allow writing for a bit, IT”S OKAY.

I also think, am I making excuses? What’s wrong with me? Do I need to go to a therapist?

Then I think stop it.

Clearly I have problems.

But I love you all and I am going on a trip!


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2 responses to “A trip!

  1. Enjoy your trip. And yes, it’s OKAY. Writing is not a race. I say good for you letting other things get in the way when they need to be.

  2. I think there are as many “ways” to write as there are writers. Some methods (and writers) are more effective and success is measured differently for different people. One writer may be happy to self-publish a picture book book, while another won’t be satisfied until they have published a NY Times bestselling novel. Each person has to decide if writing is worth what it takes and worth what they have to give up in order to meet his/her goal. Family is a top priority. Your kids won’t stay little for very long. It becomes a balancing act. Being a mom is as important as publishing another book.

    P.S. Someone once said, when you take your kids with you, it’s a trip, when you leave your kids home, it is a vacation. I hope you have a wonderful trip!


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