Kyra Here

These are the best videos ever.
And I am going to be honest. I’m getting a Ron Swanson tattoo. And I’m sorry Mom. It’s happening.

My sister who lives a few blocks from us got a dog!
A cute little puppy named Olive. Or is it Honey? I’m not sure. I just like Olive. So I’ll call her that. Unless Elise makes me call her Honey.

Anyway. She is cute. And the best anti-depressant ever. Really. She is.

I have a huge headache. And I think my back may be broken. I’ve been staying out waay too late on work days. But I need to be social, right? That’s how girls meet boys and then kiss and stuff right?

I hate the dating game. It makes me want to punch a brick wall. Which reminds me of a dream I had. of someone punching a brick wall. Something like that was happening.

What does any of this have to do with writing? I don’t know. But I need to figure out the plot of my current novel. Isn’t that the worst thing you’ve ever heard? Not having a plot. Maybe I’m the most fake writer in the world. It’s sort of how I’ve been feeling.
I should get fake glasses and a cigar so I can be the most fake writer ever.
Do you ever have memories and then realize they were dreams and never really happened? That’s happening to me right meow.

Okay, quick book review of The Cather in the Rye.

Honestly. The middle of that book had me so freaking mad. Although it did help me discover a new word to use when I’m talking about certain people. {Phony} And I liked that.
But really. The middle killed me.
But then I read the ending. And holy cow. What an ending. And it wasn’t even like this giant amazing thing that happened. It was just like, a kick ass ending.

I hope Mommy dearest brings me lunch because I feel hungry and slightly flu-ish. And my heart is beating really fast.

I’m probably on the verge of death.

Okay I’m done. Except here’s a picture of Olive.



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2 responses to “Kyra Here

  1. I love Ron Swanson. My favorite episode is when he makes his signature hamburger: meat and bun.

    Also, Kyra…this line took my breath away:
    “Do you ever have memories and then realize they were dreams and never really happened?”

    This one sentence proves you are a thoughtful, amazing writer. I LOVE it! Nice work writer-girl.


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