How Fast Do You Pedal?

A Salt Lake City cupcake company won last night on Cupcake Wars.
This is good because I like cupcakes.
And turtles.

Ann Dee and I need new-to-us houses.
Is it wrong if we were to find something nice and then having longing and desire for that home?
Can I have something good?
I don’t mind remodeling as long as the pipes and electric aren’t bad.

Plus Ann Dee is gone and while I don’t call her all the time she is my friend and I miss her. Now I feel the urge to go peek through her windows. Mostly, I am not a peeker. Not through windows. The last thing I need is someone thinking I’m weirder than the average writer.

I have to write a synopsis.
I can’t do it. I swore to Steve I’d have it to him on Friday, last week.

I have to think of an external sweep to add to another story.
I can’t do it. I swore to Steve I’d have the rewritten book to him in two weeks two weeks ago.

Why can’t I feel better?
Why can’t I eat candy all day and feel good?
Why did I stick the gum under the shelf at the one place? I’m not saying where or WHEN I did this. But I will say–I had to.

Yesterday, Chris rode a bike to our house.
I thought, “You should steal that bike and ride it somewhere.”
But I didn’t because the last time I rode a bike I lost control and the next thing I knew I was riding willy nilly across the rode, into my neighbor’s yard, through their flower bed and then–of course–straight home. It took 8 Seconds. They made a movie about my life. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube, BTW. Had I stolen yesterday’s bike I would have lost control down the very steep driveway that winds up on a busy street.

So, what would your main character do if her doggie found a hand?
What would your main character do if she walked in on her mother kissing a man who was not the mother’s husband?
What would your main character do if she wound up in a car where the people were going to rob a bank?

Just something to think about.


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3 responses to “How Fast Do You Pedal?

  1. I love this: “The last thing I need is someone thinking I’m weirder than the average writer.”

    Good luck with your synop and the rewriting. You can do it! We have 11 days until we’re supposed to send an update to our WIFYR class telling them of all of our accomplishments since the conference. I wish I had wonderful things to report. But, I am working on a rewrite of the first part of that book. It is very different. I hope it works, and I hope it is done in 11 days.

    Apart from writing, I have 26 days until my younger son’s wedding in Baker City, Oregon. I have two bridesmaid dresses to finish (with my aunt’s help since I’m sort of a lousy sewer) and about a million other details. Wish me luck.

  2. Rebecca Birkin

    It isn’t bad at all that you want something good, a nice house of your own. You are an extremely unselfish person, but you deserve something nice too.

    The last time I rode a bike my new husband realized what a giant chicken I really am. But the time before that I did a front flip over the handlebars and landed in someone’s grass. Before that I broke my leg. I hate bikes. Unless they sit in one place and I can watch TV while riding them.

    Oh, Debbie, good luck with that wedding. What a good idea for your WIFYR class to hold an accounting.

    I’ve spent about 2 weeks now stressing over a synopsis and query. Why do
    those have to be so hard?

  3. Kyra

    I like cupcakes.
    Maybe we should write a book about cupcakes and coffee.
    soooo overdone.

    Don’t stress. We will get the house of your dreams.


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