Kyra here.

How do you write a story that people want to read?
You can write a story that YOU’D like to read, that maybe your mother would enjoy, but how do you write something that the world would enjoy?
Look at this picture:

Does this picture look like something you could write about?
Obviously, because it’s from one of my favorite movies, which is based on a bestselling novel, we know that someone wanted to write this. {Fight Club}

But it could also be something else. It could be a story about heartbroken lovers who secretly meet at night at the top of this work building.
Or two people getting ready to jump, only one doesn’t (which one?).
Or these two are stargazers waiting for aliens to take them somewhere.
Or something. I’m not very good with coming up with ideas on the spot.

What does this picture make you want to write?

I am having the hardest time writing. I don’t know what the crap it is. Being busy? Depressed? {Maybe it’s because I’m not depressed enough. ha ha!} Bored? I can’t figure it out.
I need to read something inspiring.

I finished reading a book yesterday that did REALLY well a few years back. A Printz honor, a NBA winner, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

OK. So it had SOME decent things in it. {Like, at one point it did make me FEEL anger. But only on one page at the very end of the book. And this novel was almost 300 pages.}
The main character. This girl. Was so….you just couldn’t relate to her at all. I don’t know any person, not ONE person, who could relate to a character like this. It was really weird.
I’m not saying the book was BAD. It just wasn’t . . . great.
But it did really well. WHY?
I was thinking about that yesterday, while I was trying to find a certain pair of socks in my store. What made this book SO great? Why did people love it SO much?
And all I could figure was it maybe made readers WANT to read more. WANT to turn the pages {Obviously not this reader, but I did anyway, because it was the only book I had}.

How do you do that? Make people want to read your novel?
I need to go back to some writing conferences, and maybe sit through some of Mom’s classes, because I am so lost.

What do you guys think??


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  1. I think there are some people, like my sister, like a former version of myself, who will read anything. Since I began writing, I find I have a low tolerance for reading. If I don’t relate to characters…I stop. In my former life, I would’ve kept reading. And, like you, I have tried to read books that have been huge successes and been like, “What’s the big deal?”

    I think that’s part of being a writer. We’re somehow cursed and it takes a really amazing book, like WAITING to get us interested in finding out what happens to these characters.

    But, there are a lot of people. Readers. Who love to read, whether they connect with the characters or not.

    I don’t know, does anyone else experience this?


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