Ooops, I Did it Again

Actually, I’ve never missed a book signing before. Especially one I mentioned on my blog. Hope you all had so much fun! They were tons of amazing people there, including Rick Walton and Nathan Hale with their new book.

Today I’m going to pass you on to a website for those who have thought about maybe . . . yes, gardening.
Even though I don’t have a house of my own, or a place to garden, I do think about my own dream place a lot. And I think of a garden a lot, too. Plus fruit trees.

I’m not allowed to imbed the video, but go to Back to Eden dot com and check out the official movie there.

It’s just under two hours–but it’s pretty darn interesting. Very religious (which is one of the reasons why I liked this so much).
See what you think.
(I watched in two sittings.)

And start thinking this, too. Our gardens of words.
In a month and weekish it’s NaNoWriMo.
Have you any idea what you will write?
Will you participate?
I have a general idea, so for the next month, that will germinate in the back of my head until November rolls around. This year I am determined to finish–to get 50,000 words–though that is kind of long for me. And VERY long for what I want to write. BUT–I can still get to 50,000 words. It will just be one whole book and a quarter of another. 🙂

Plus, I have two other goals. PRE-goals to help me get ready.
#1: Add another piece of the writing puzzle to the book that someone is interested in. I want to get that done this month. Yes–in my birthday month.
#2: I want to get a draft done of a book in October (I have about 75 rough pages on that) for another novel someone MAY be interested in.
All that writing should get me ready for NaNo–right?

Of course, we may have to move, too.
Does anyone know of any good places to live?
Where I can have some great gardens?

Where will we go?
Shouldn’t I be more worried?


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4 responses to “Ooops, I Did it Again

  1. In preparing a program which I am going to direct and be in at the U of U, I found a poem which should be a fairy tale—a magicky magiColossus one like my favorites when I was a kid. It should have trees with leaves of bronze and silver and gold. It should have witchy old women waiting for the hero to cross their paths. It should have have a beautiful princess (only she’s going to turn out to be untrustworthy, I think). Anyway, for NaNo I’m going to write the book this poem should have been. 50,000 words of it. What is everyone else doing?

  2. Those are awesome goals. And I hope you find a fabulous, gardeny new place. 🙂

  3. Kyra

    I would kill to have a book signing. Even if no one showed up. . .it would mean I had a book out.
    Oh mom. You and your gardening.

  4. SaM

    I should really read your blog more often! I wish you would buy my sister’s house and move to Brigham City. That’s probably not practical for you, but it would still be awesome, and she has a HUGE yard with plenty of potential for both vegetable and flower gardens, with room left over for fruit trees. Only problem is she lives in Colorado and hasn’t been able to stop her renters from trashing the place, so it does need some work. I’m getting carried away, though, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to travel that far for work. At any rate, I think I know what my story will be about for NaNOWriMo, and you just gave me a great idea. I’m going to get that other book in before November is out. If I get really lucky, I might just get my first rejection letter as a birthday present!


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